How much did your wedding cost? TME

So I'm going to be getting married some time next year. We're taking care of all the details now. We should have a venue finalized in the next week or 2.

How much did your wedding cost you? What was surprisingly expensive?

Any tips? Advice??

Help me out here OG bros. Phone Post

  1. Don't do it.

    2. It cost too much.

My band was 300, hers was about 400. The engagement ring is the real killer. Phone Post 3.0

You wedding will cost you your freedom, your hapiness, and your masculinity. 

$3000 a thousanad was her dress Phone Post 3.0

carsnick - My band was 300, hers was about 400. The engagement ring is the real killer. Phone Post 3.0

The engagement ring was a bitch. I want to go very simple on the wedding bands. Fuck spending that much on a ring more than once in a year. Phone Post

3000 for everything. Phone Post 3.0

I should mention I'm a Jew boy marrying a Nigerian. There will be a portion where we have to wear traditional Nigerian clothes. What colour tie goes with an AK47? Phone Post

QuinTheEskimo - $3000 a thousanad was her dress Phone Post 3.0
That was my whole wedding. Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully more than the divorce will cost Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't buy some diamond that her fellow countrymen slave mined...just sayin'.

You can get by without being tacky AND it would save you some money that you don't need to spend.

Expensive rings are nothing more than attention whoring. You don't need that this early in the game.

My rings - 2500
Hers - 6000

Outdoor wedding at a private park type place - $300

Reception hall - nice place - $1200

Tuxes - $150ea - X3 rented

Catering - $2500 for 100 guests

Linens for tables- $400

Decorations for tables - $300

Wine - 20 bottles - $250

Beer - two kegs - $250

Liquor - assorted bourban, vodka, rum, etc - $300

Marriage license - $100

Reverend - $200

DJ - 6 hours - $600 plus tip

Security for reception - needed by contract with reception hall - $30 per hour for six hours - $180

Groomsmens gifts - $50ea - $150

Hotel suite - $300

Wedding cake - $400

Invitations - $450 plus price of two stamps for each invitation

Source - I got married April 19th

The catering included two meats, potatos, pasta, salad, and rolls. Also silverware and plates, mixes for the bar, plastic cups, and 12 bottles of a moderate champagne for the toast along with champagne glasses.

The caters stayed at the reception for like six hours as well.

We threw a kick ass new years eve party with a DJ and open bar at a little restaurant on the beach. Had the party before the wedding part, got married at 12:01 and was at the hotel in the penthouse by 12:30. 5k including her 2 dresses, 2 step daughter dresses and my cloths. As well as a flowing open bar and plenty of food for 50 people.

Don't marry a women that's willing to put ya'll in debt to have "her special day". She's immature and irresponsable. Our rings were both under 1500. Phone Post 3.0

Weddings have become the worst deal possible. I think we paid about 10k total, back in 99. 250+ guests, hall, all other costs tied in.

I thought it. Was good deal back then. Now, would likely be 40k.

Looking back, dont know if i would even spend the 10k, but was very happy w everything.

Nowadays, go cheap. Money is a prob. Phone Post 3.0

If you must marry, elope. Less b.s. Phone Post 3.0

Family heirloom rings are nice...soup to nuts mine was 7-10k

Pay for a good photographer, it's worth it in the end. But negotiate, often there are outrageously priced packages. You can ask for all the pics on a DVD and make sure you own all the rights to reprint.

Often times venues will give you a list of their preferred vendors. You don't have to use them and can find more affordable vendors instead. Phone Post 3.0

Spend lots on a good photographer. 



You don't even want to know what mine cost, or what her ring cost.  Thankfully, we have amazing parents that threw our wedding.