How much did your wedding cost?

I'm getting ready to pop the question to soon to be mrs. Clown so I've been thinking about the finances lately and how pricey this might be. Luckily she hasn't went too wild with some of the things she has said she would like

So how much did your wedding cost? Not including the rings Phone Post 3.0

+/- 30k. Don't do it! Try just scrolling down the first page and count how many divorce threads you can count.

I was actually divorced before I finally paid off the last of the wedding bills. Phone Post 3.0

Around 10k.  Honeymoon was another 6k.  Still paying that shit off haha

Justice of the peace....about $50 iirc.

Been married for over 15 years now.

Save your money for a home, future kids education, emergencies etc.

I mean, being married and still paying for it simply means you couldn't afford it imo. Not knocking anyone at all just seems odd to me. Kinda like buying expensive rings and making payments....c'mon, that's foolish.

We got married in Indonesia (my wife is from there). If you include the plane ticket it cost me over $7,000. That was with over 500 guests.

approx 10K in 2000


we were married in may of 2000  in april i was listen to local talk radio show and they were doing a segmant on the cost of weddings and in new jersey in 1999 the average cost of a wedding was 27K  so we did well


we cut corners like had the reception at the vfw  called in favors for the photographer and dj and cake

Not married, but brother and sister and law had a super cute, small simple wedding at family home for $1500. They're six years and going strong. Save money for more important stuff. Phone Post 3.0

About $5K I think. Only had immediate family so there were 9 of us total. We paid for two nights in a hotel and two nice dinners out for everyone.

I would've done the city hall thing, but my wife didn't want to, so we compromised. Phone Post 3.0

What's this marriage that you people speak of?


About 60k Phone Post 3.0

5 or 6k.

Plane tickets to hawaii. A sailboat for the reception. Everybody went snorkeling. Good times.




I hope that included the colon dilation equipment.

25k about 8 years ago Phone Post 3.0

About $12 - $15K. Mother in law paid for the whole thing. Still married to the old bat after 22 years. Phone Post 3.0

+/- $40K not including rings or honeymoon.

About £6000 (not including honeymoon).
I didn't want to do it but the wife wanted it.... We had no financial help off anyone so had to find all the money ourselves, it was a struggle and I would have rather spent that money on the house..... Phone Post 3.0

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I hope that included the colon dilation equipment.


Just under $1000. Had the ceremony in the parents backyard, catered in some good Mexican food, a DJ and beer. Was a blast. Everyone couldn't get over how much fun it was. Was better than any high dollar wedding I have been to, though I may be biased since it was mine. Phone Post 3.0