How much do Cdn fighters make?

How much do Cdn MMA fighters make for their first fights?

how much do pro boxers make? I mean the bottom feeders.

I remember Loaf once told us that he made $100.00 to show and $100.00 to win in a TKO event.

bottom feeders fight for free

I make 10-15 thousand per match.


i hear grizzly house is off, you goin to vegas?

and if so, if someone there has beef, can they settle it with you?


I agree BSF, I am worth at least 50! More if I'm not fighting another bottom feeder

man, Mayhem is gonna hurt you, unless this is a kimbo style "sparring" match.


Ya I know you don't... that was the first thing I fought when you threw your first straight, I was like "wtf this guy was serious", I had to make it quick after.


A lot of pro boxers get $100-200 per round to start.

tz tz that aint right

fitnessplus, are you serious? For a name amatuer
fighter turned pro, or just anyone that decides to
turn pro? As much as $800 for a four-rounder is ok.

Serious. That's what they get paid in N.S. I would expect closer to $400 if you didn't have a top notch amateur career.