how much do pro boxers make?

how much do pro boxers make? I mean the bottom feeders when they first start out.

Usually somewhere between $200 and $800 a fight.

'bout a hundred bucks a round

agree with $100 to $200 a round is normal

Most promoters will not go below 100 a round for club fights but I found out that some promoters pay less than this!!!!!! It all depends how many fans you bring in and how much you please the crowd. I made 3500 for a fight in atlantic city once and alot of times was well into the 1000-2000 purse range. I just fought in Iowa for my lowest purse ever! less than 100 a round :(

whats your name?

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I think the $100 a round is for trailhorses brought in to fill out a card. Otherwise, there's no incentive for a guy to get a stoppage.

I was under the impression that you got paid $100 per round based on the scheduled rounds for the fight (ie. 4 rounds means a purse of $400). And that all of this was contractually established (in theory) before the fight? Otherwise who would go for a knock out...all of the fighters would just agree to spar until the last round or so.

my buddy made $800 for his 2nd pro fight.