How much $ do you have in savings?

I only have about 1500 in mine

Mainly just use to banks for automated payments out of checking accnt

What about u ? Phone Post 3.0

900 Phone Post 3.0

Close to 30 Gs. Phone Post 3.0

A lot Less than I want in savings. Phone Post 3.0

Tree fiddy?

About three fiddy Phone Post 3.0

Like my emergency money? about 1,500 plus whatever is leftover in my tax fund for when I have to pay, so probably about 2,000-2,500.

Probably too much.

Dougie - Tree fiddy?
Beat me to it! Phone Post 3.0

paradigmer - 
Dougie - Tree fiddy?
Beat me to it! Phone Post 3.0


i own property valued aproximately 1 million USD more than my debt on the same property.

Savings account, I have some 50k or so, but I have paid for my kids' college, "free" health care etc by way of super high taxes already, so that's that . (Not US/Canada)

I'm 49 and don't blame or credit my present financial situation on/to any other person or entity other than myself at this point.

Savings is showing a little over 19k at this present moment. Phone Post 3.0

25K- but I have way more in debts.  :( 

Like my savings account or total savings, investments, equity, etc?

Savings account maxes at $5k for emergencies. Every other bit gets invested where I have a bit more than $5k ;) Phone Post 3.0

I put away 15% into 401a and 457 accounts every year. I also have stock and corporate bond holdings. I'm getting itchy, though, and want to spend. I've been too practical lately. Phone Post 3.0

What the fuck us 'savings'? Phone Post 3.0

Total maybe 1000 bucks and another 1000 in a stockaccount.

Dont own shit though and have about 40.000 studyloan.

"Come on lucky number 7!" Phone Post 3.0

70K, but I have no idea what to do with it.
I live in NYC and don't make a lot of money, so I'll never be able to afford to buy a place here.
For now, it's just my emergency fund in case I lose my job.
I know I could move to a random city and buy a house, but that's not happening for many years. Phone Post 3.0

Not much. I just have a $20k credit line for emergency. There's a couple thousands in my account as a buffer for bills.

Cash goes into investments.

I've been using my Visa exclusively for almost 20 years. Have never needed cash or debit cards so keeping cash in an account is useless. Phone Post 3.0

BTW. Do you mean savings account or total cash investments, retirement fund or just the savings accounts kids use to separate the account their car payment comes out of vs the account they keep in case they want to go on a trip with their friends. Phone Post 3.0