How much do you pay for a haircut??

I generally just buzz with a 1 in the summer, in winter my buddy's wife does it for free.

To quote my best friend, "I don't get haircuts. I'm white and I'm rich. I get my hair STYLED."


Korean women.

I tip the chance from a $20 Phone Post 3.0

$15 then I tip her $5. Phone Post 3.0


Ok good I'm not the only one spending over $20 Phone Post 3.0

I don't even know where to go to get a $6 hair cut haha Phone Post 3.0

$25 including tip

RayRaysFunhouse -
Kin9ofdaburbs-got-Toewsed - $6 low reg from the px Phone Post

$8 here, wtf Phone Post

West coast? Phone Post

I cut my own.  If you like your hair short it's easy to do yourself and you don't necessarly need to buzz it all.  I use a #2 on most of my head but leave the top a little longer and blend it myself.  It's easy.

A buddy from school had his own barber shop.I did a bunch of electrical for him,so he said free haircuts for life.
Honestly,I only took a couple free ones.Hes a single dad with two kids,charges $17 a cut,but I always give him $20. Phone Post 3.0

$10 plus $2 tip

I bought a Flowbee a few years ago, Best 100 dollars I ever spent. I would never go to a Barber again.

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I read an article in GQ about 12 years ago that made some very very strong points as to why you should cut your own hair.



* You don't have to make an appointment. 

* You won't get stuck with some person who fucks your hair up.

* You know better then anyone how you want your hair.

* MONEY!  It costs nothing to cut your own hair.

* You need a trim Saturday night at 10:00, you cut your own shit when and where you want.



There were some other points, but that convinced me.  Since then I learned to cut my own shit and have never looked back.  It's great. 

Teach me.

And pics?... Phone Post


Don;t make fun of the pic persay, it was for a class project.  But you get the idea of the cut.

I would be disowned and possibly killed for having this haircut.

Man, I thought we were gonna hit it off, then you go do this.

Tut. Phone Post

I usually have my wife buzz me with a 1 guard. Sometimes I'll go to the barber shop down the block and they charge $18. They use a straight razor to line me up so that alone is worth it Phone Post 3.0

I cut my own for about ten years when I had a ponytail.  Now $70 inlcuding tax and tip.

I have been cutting my own for a while. Used to use one clip, started to try to do fades and fucked up a couple but im getting better. Also got a staight razor and became pissed the first time I shaped myself up and didnt get cut because all threw high school the shit barber I went to cut me every damn time. Will never go back to a barber. Phone Post

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I cut my own for about ten years when I had a ponytail.  Now $70 inlcuding tax and tip.


WHAT THE FUCK??? Phone Post 3.0

20 + tip Phone Post

Was paying $40 plus tip. Then my regular guy said he was raising his rate to $50. I said fuck that and went to Supercuts.

Guess I'm paying $50 now. Phone Post