how much do you pay to train...?

how much do you pay to train bjj/mma?

I pay $80 for bjj, plus $70 to train at a boxing i'm considering joining a fitness club, which would cost another $70.

Just wondering what everyone else pays, and if it would be worth it for me to join another gym.

Do you mean monthly?

I pay $80 and am seriously considering joining a health club too. Just got through a 1 week trial membership at a local club and really got used to it.

How many classes a week are included in your bjj fee and where are you located? That is a good price for BJJ in the Greater Toronto area. You can do better on the fee for the fitness club but if you are going to use it alot it is worth going to the higher end clubs.

Boy sounds like you have plenty of free time or plenty of money. In which case why would you care as long as the training was good?

At Niagarabjj $80.00 will get you three classes a week. I dont mind paying the money - Im training with one of the best guys in the world - Esfiha.

At Fitness Plus we pay $75/month for BJJ (black belt teacher and 5 classes/week), $40/month for Muay Thai(3 class/week), $40/month for Boxing (5 class/week) or $100/month unlimited (any class or combo of them). We also include with any membership free weights, cardio machines etc.

Which Fitness Plus is this, and who is the BJJ black belt teacher?


I pay...oh boy do I pay...

rubbing tiger balm all over my bruised and battered body

$70/m - thai boxing
$450/yr - primarily for weight lifting

Fitness Plus in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (There is only one) and the black belt is Guilherme Maia (under De La Riva).

i pay 100 a month for 4 grappling classes a week. pretty good deal.

BDB Martial Arts in Calgary is 55.95 a month and you get unlimited training in all the classes taught. BJJ, Muay Thai, Judo, Free-Style Wrestling, and MMA.

Jesus by Armbar- you should post the city you train in because the cost of living is not equal across our great country.

"Boy sounds like you have plenty of free time or plenty of money. In which case why would you care as long as the training was good? "

Have to agree with karmarep. Just scooting around to 3 different clubs is time-consuming...and then the decision of having one huge workout bag or 3 separate ones! How do you keep up with the laundry?


I train at BDBMartial Arts in Calgary and for $50 per month (did it go up?) I could train 6 days of the week... I don't because it would kill me but I could if I wanted to.

I pay $75/month. Kombat Arts Training Academy in Mississauga. In my opinion, the beast deal around. $75/month includes every you can ask for. MT KB, BJJ(the best,Mark Bocek),CSW,Wrestling,Boxing and much more. All instructors are top level.