how much do you pay to train...?

how much do you pay to train bjj/mma?
I pay $80 for bjj, plus $70 to train at a boxing i'm considering joining a fitness club, which would cost another $70.

Just wondering what everyone else pays, and if it would be worth it for me to join another gym.

I pay £5 per 2 hour thai boxing class. Wrestling is £3 for two hours. Vale-tudo is £5 for two hours.

I'll do two/three a week.

My gym (weights/carido) is £35/month.

I reckon all in all I spend ~£70/month ($140/month).

I need to get a life.

$75 for 3 months? that's a sweet deal.

I guess i'm paying a bit more than you guys. don't think i'll join the fitness club...

i'll probably spend more time in the boxing gym since it's drop in

At the place I'm pretty sure I'm going to train at (still haven't made up my god damn mind) it's 85 dollars a month and they have classes 6 days per week. Muay Thai, BJJ, and takedowns are taught there. (I don't know if it's to the point where it constitutes wrestling, we drilled the double-leg like crazy at my intro. lesson.)

i pay $65.00 per month for unlimited train at RSD. which is basically 4 nights a week for 2 hours of scheduled classes, plus rolling until my eyes bleed if I wanted.

Joe doesn't close the school and will just let us lock up and train till whenever we want. We can also come in and open on weeekends if we wanted too.

and with our sister school. south shore sportfighting, i can even train during the daytime if I didn't have a job.

160.00 a month for unlimited BJJ.

peace - skrump

BJJ = $90/ month unlimited, or $100/ 10 classes, or $15/ class

Boxing = $50 per year plus one dollar per each visit

Kickboxing & MMA = free (it's my place), but I charge $50/ mo. 

$99 a month for unlimited sambo classes. There are two regular adult classes a week and a competition team training/sparring class once a week.

I'm currently looking for schools in NY I found one for 140 2x a week of bjj, and the other is 120 3 days a week of mma. Haven't made up my mind which. I work two jobs so I am trying to work around that.

I am taking my time not just cause of the pricing but because I want to get enough days in at a good school. The two schools are SBGi and Renzo's.

Oh I'm new around here. Hello everyone.

80/month unlimited training

I pay 70 bones a month .

80/month for BJJ
40/month normal gym
50/month for occasional kickboxing on a punch card

if your paying under a hundred a month for a promanent blackbelt, consider yourself VERY lucky

DSM MMA Acadaemy M-F from 6-8 is $40/month


I'm not paying it, it's my gym!, but rate is $120/month unlimited classes (6 days a week, full gym with boxing ring, heavy bags, weights, etc)


Now free, before it was $24 a month for unlimited boxing and weights.

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Your tuition will also vary dramatically based on your location.

BJJ $99/month for unlimitted classes.