How much do you pay?

I've noticed a lot of guys talk about their training and so forth, and I know that the level of instruction can change things drastically, but how much do you spend a month to train?

I mean a lot of guys on here are too cheap to buy a blue name at 30 bucks a year, but are evidently willing to spend 100's of dollars a month on training.

I'm more specifically asking blue and mud namers here. I am afraid to ask what you green namers spend monthly unless it's your gym, and/or you work there.

P.S. If this is in bad taste, then I appologize, and will edit the message, and/or ask a mod to delete it.

Wut does a blue name give you besides the ability to see nudies in Tapout neway

75 bucks a month. For just BJJ training. It's good.

Oh yea, 100 a month. Our gym charges less to fighters who represent the gym in competitions and fights. $150 a month for people who only want to do fitness and such but have no plans on fighting.

You guys would hate me if I told you what I spend altogether on quality and authentic BJJ, quality and authentic muay thai and quality boxing....All of which are at a facility that has fifty 150lb heavy bags, speed bags, weights and cardio equipment and an authentic ring to train and fight in....

I did have to pay a down payment and I also have to pay a monthly fee....

i used to pay $30/month for BJJ/MT/Boxing/Wrestling/MMA but now i moved to chicago and the cheapest place is $85/month just for BJJ.

I pay $115/month for black belt gi bjj, no-gi bjj, wrestling instruction under a Div 1 all-american and boxing instruction under a former world champ.

I also pay $85/month for unlimited access to a boxing/muy thai gym that also has a UFC style cage.

vit0r, after reading my post, I realized that it could be taken as an insult. It was not intended that way.

btw, I got the blue name primarily cause I wanted to use the MMA mail, and get to posts that may have gone further down the list cause of churn. I also believe that if I'm using a service for free, and enjoying it, and they have a fee, I'll usually pay it, provided it's not crazy pricing.

Hence I got on I liked it. I thought Kirik deserved a measly 8 cents a day for me to use the forum which he was willing to provide for free. (it's actually like 8.2cents a day, but who's counting. (29.95 bucks first year/365.24

$50 a month, unlimited gym use and unlimited classes. Yea, that deal doesn't exist anymore...I've thought about switching gyms but there's no way I can walk away from that price.

btw, if you are a guy who works at a gym, and want to post the cost of working out there, feel free!

TTT 4 this thread!

180 USD for 6 months. That is 5 BJJ classes, 8 MMA classes and one open mat per week...

before every/anyone goes printing this thread thinking they are going to get a discount at their local gym, I think it's important to remember that many things can effect the price that you pay.

  1. convenient location = more cash/month overhead
  2. Nice location (new paint/mats/bags/equipment etc. = more cash/month
  3. Where you live can make a BIG difference. due to the cost rent for the building/ cost of paying your instructors due to them having to be able to live in the area, etc.
  4. How well known is the gym? If you are a big name, you can command more money, and still keep your classes full. To do anything else, would be bad business.
  5. How many gyms are in your area? The more there are, the more competitive they might be, unless they have gotten together for some illegal "price fixing". I'm not accusing anyone of it AT ALL.

Those are just a few of the factors, and I know there are many more than that. The only reason I was asking is because I'm a nosey bastard and just wanted an idea. I travel a lot and look at how much housing costs in different areas as well. It's sick how little some parts of the country pay for a house that would bring huge dollars down here. (Kinda wish I lived there so I could buy a nice house).


$110 a month for Muay Thai. Including access to the WKA & IKF US Lightweight Muay Thai champion, WKA Middleweight champion, Sean Sherk, Nick "The Goat" Thompson, Greg Nelson, etc...well worth it in my opinion.



$65/month. that's for 2muay thai and 2csw classes per week. the same price also cover the bjj clases but i prefer the csw.

i use to pay $50 a month for 5 days a week of muay thai with 6 time muay thai world champ RAUL LLOPIS.
which was a super damn good deal

$120/mo for 2 days/wk BJJ, 1 day/wk no-gi BJJ, 1 day/wk Vale Tudo.