How much does EA pay reviewers?

Seriously, how much does EA pay reviewers. They are all so full of shit regarding Madden. I've watched a few reviews so far for 2007 and all pretty much say the same thing "it's the same shit you've been playing for the past 4 years" but all sugar coat is so much that it's sickening.

They'll say shit like "if you're a fan of Madden, you're going to love 2007 because it's more of the same". Bullshit!! They should be saying "If you're a fan of Madden, it's time you stop buying this shit because it's the same crap you played last year, and the year before that, and the year before that!"

I mean 'cmon, you read the reviews and it's obvious that they are struggling to say anything good about the game. Gamespot even went so far as to say "one of the big changes is that now you can juke better with the analog stick than you could last year, and the offensive linemen don't bunch up as much" ... WTF? That's the best you can come up with? That's supposed to get anyone excited?

It's fucking sickening. I wish there was some reviewer out there that would call it like it is. "EA needs to stop feeding people the same shit year after year... and you fools need to stop buying it year after year"

Yeah they should say

"EA needs to stop feeding people the same shit year after year... and you fools need to stop buying it year after year"

And then give it a 9 out of 10 since it is a good game.

They probably don't feel right shit talking it and then giving it a great score.

I keep buying the new versions of sports games for the same reason I keep watching sports every year. It's the same game right? The same teams play every year.

I don't think a Madden game has gotten a 9 out of 10 since 2003 or so. Currently, Madden games are scoring in the 7's.

BTW, I played Madden 2007 right now and it's atrocious. Maybe it's just me but it seems to be getting worst every year. Feels more arcadey than ever.

2k has been gone for 2 years. madden dropped over a full point the first
year of exclusivity and didn't improve much on that this year. no
competition=less innovation. go back and look at the scores for the 2k
football games and then watch madden's ratings during and after the
exclusivity deal was inked.

example: IGN

Last three years of 2k/Espn football: 9.1,9.3, 9.4

Same years of Madden:8.8,9.4,9.5

Now, the two years since exclusivity: 8.8,8.3.

And you know 2k didn't have the money to "influence" these reviews like
ea can. Also, keep in mind those last two 2k games were 20 bucks a
piece!! They forced madden to drop its price to 39 bucks, which
immediately jumped back up to 50 once they scored exclusivity.

if it bothers you that fucking bad don't buy the game, that simple

PC gamers got screwed the most. All 2007 EA Sports games are getting the same engine (no next-gen stuff) this year as last 3 years or so, just with a very few gameplay tweaks.

This year's pc madden is seriously just 2006 patched. Same with hockey and basketball coming up. I'm especially sad as i wanted the bouncy puck physics i'm seeing in the 360 version.