How much flaxseed oil per day?

i just bought these softgels, it says take 1 to 3 three times daily, each softgel containing 1000 mg flaxseed oil with 450 mg ala included... so do i need 1350-4050mg ala per day? more? less?

Not sure what your goals are...but for me...i take 300mg of ALA after every meal, along with 12 - 14g of FLaxseed Oil.

On a side note...i am hearing others are using virgin olive oil instead of the flaxseed oil. reason being it is cheaper yet, just as effective.

I really wouldn't recommend flax seed to any male over 40. In case you are...

Flax and olive oil have totally different fatty acid profiles. They're both good, but by no means interchangable.

exactly jbraswell.
Olive oil is high in monounsaturtes while flax will provide you with large amounts of omega 3's!

but he never said what his goals are to determine which way to go here.

Buying flaxseed oil in caps is fairly useless. Fish oil is a different story. Some years ago, I was told by Will Brink that 1 tablespoon of flax oil per 75lb bodyweight per day is ideal. I've found reason to dispute some of his theories, but not this one.

The reason you can use fish oil in the smaller quantity is because it doesn't require conversion into essential fatty acids.