How much $$ have you given the ufc...

for goods and services?

Ppvs,fight tickets,lol reebok gear,dvds,vids?

Ppvs ,l have bought maybe 40...$2k

Fight tickets...3 shows l had to buy a ticket for a bud 2 times....$1800

During the ppv ban l was buying the dvds also a few hundred on videos way back when... $1000


About 5k for me...I thought it would be more.

whats your running total?

In before tree fiddy 

$0, and it's highly unlikely this will change.


No merchandise, just PPV buys when I think the card is worth it. So about $1200. Oh, and Fight Pass for one month, so make it about $1,210.

Lol it hurts to think about it. 

I don't want to talk about this 

In 2014 I came into some money. Between January of 2014 until this pst month I bout 16 out of 17 ppvs at full price. I join fight club at the elite level even though they came to Tulsa once (bought 2 tickets at that event for $75 a piece) 6 ppvs while "traveling" at $21 and fight pass since 2013 (UFC 168). So around 2k plus merch. When rewards were around I got 1 ppv for free and 2 free months of fight pass.

Oh add 250 for the elite level fight club

All the moneys

All in all 3k

Compare to wwe which includes a VIP for 3 to a local show and a raw taping plus the network And merch. spend right at 2k. With wwe I have the network until December of this year. 

Probably $25 for a ticket from a scalper for UFC 3, then probably 0 (watched all the rest at sports bars or the occasional friend's house).

Just fight pass Monthly, free stream the rest

Does gambling on the fights count? If so, I don't want to talk about it.

Couple thousand for sure. Spent 400 on a ticket to ufc 110 alone.

Too much.

Maybe around 500 on ppvs over the years and 2 live events.
for a total of around 1.5k

Probably around 15 PPVs. Started streaming after all the bullshit movie promotions that tool up time. if I'm paying $$ I don't want to see fucking commercials. Didn't buy since they were $45.. Also got over the regular price raises and the fighters salaries not going up. Been watching every one, haven't paid since somewhere in the 60s I thinkl