how much is 5 grams

I have not used creatine in over two years, I got some from DPS and it didnt have a scoop! so I was wonderinr how many teaspoons is about 5 grams

One teaspoon is approximately five grams.


Unless it is already mixed with some type of juice powder. Then it is more.

If I mix creatine with juice powder, a teaspoon is still 5 grams.

Ok, if it is pure creatine then it is a teaspoon. If it is a pre-mixed blend of creatine and juice powder, then it is going to be more than a teaspoon.

I have a headache...

I knew what you meant, just being funny. You meant that if your using creatine that has lots of additives, sugar, or whatever, then your going to need more than 5g of the mix to get 5g of creatine.

Its kinda fucked up that they dont tell you how much. Is it supposed to have a scoop and doesnt? If it's NOT supposed to, i would think that it would tell you how much to use on the label.



Doug, most containers come with a five ounce scoop. I've seen other containers list the reccomended dose as one tablespoon.

Best in health and Training, J. R.

Thanks JR. Shows how often i use the stuff.


Most pure creatine comes with directions on use on the label, no scoop.

5oz scoop? You mean 5g?

Yup, I meant five grams. Thanks for catching the mistake.