How much of the draft do you watch

how much of the draft do you actually watch? most people only watch the first round and thats it but since I follow college ball closely i really enjoy the draft and still know who the players are in the 7th round. come draft time i dont leave my room for 2 days

I will watch close to all of it, both days.

about 90% of it

none. i'll get the list online later.

thats cause you re Gay

I'm gay, but you're the one losing two days of your life to watch a bunch of men you have nothing to do with get job offers. Sign me up.

mmmh well you're the one on a web forum with alot of guys discussing a a bunch of men getting job offers that you'll have nothing to do with

yea, and I'm the guy reading a forum about two guys who are arguing on a forum about watching guys that they dont know get job offers on TV.

akl, it's not gay to watch.

I'll usually watch most of the first round, and then start channel surfing and checking back during the second. I don't even bother on Sunday.