How Much Per Hr Can You Make?

How much money per hour on the average can you make playing online poker? I ask because I'll be trying my hand at it in a few days. Right now I'm reading Small Stakes Hold em, Winning Big with Expert Play.

You can make a ridiculous amount.... The upper limit is probably around $200,000 a year. There are probably a few dozen players who make more than that.

$75-$100 an hour is not unusual. However it is hard to put in full time hours.

75 to 100/hr is not unusual? Man, if you tell me how I can do this I'll owe ya one. I'm reading Small Stakes Hold em right now. Will this book get me to that level?

"Will this book get me to that level?"

No, only your determination can get you to that level. SSHE is a big piece of the puzzle though. Check out Fraser's thread... I posted a big ass response in there.

I would say that $75-$100 an hour is not unusual FOR
who reads a few books is going to make that; the money
has to come from somewhere. You have to beat a lot of
other players and the rake as well.

My advice is to take your time, and learn to play for
the love of the game. If you become too cash-oriented,
you will wind up frustrated and not learning anything.

Could someone please explain the rake? I keep hearing about it but I'm not sure what it is.

everytime you win a pot, the site takes a % for itself.

How much of a percentage?

Depends on where you are playing, but they have it
posted. Some play tables even take a play-money rake,
for realism. The site should say.

alright thanks guys, I believe I'll start playing real money tables tonight. I'll start at the lowest stakes tables to get my feet wet.