How much pressure does the UFC put on fighters to

orcus -  Look how the crowds in Pride ate it up whenever a foreign fighter would say like one or two stock phrases in Japanese.

 they seemed to really like it when carlos newton took japanese lessons

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BrazilianBomber - How much pressure does the UFC put on fighters to learn English?
I remember back in PRIDE, all fighters pretty much just spoke in their native tongues, but in the UFC, we see these same guys trying to desperately speak English. I remember Luiz Cane, or some shit, once said, "sorry about my English, i'm taking classes, it will be better next time" in a post fight interview.

I think they realise if they want he UFC to market them, they have to accomodate to the "BEST LERN YERSELF SOME AMURIKAN!" fans. 

It seems that Anderson Silva has made ZERO ATTEMPT at learning to speak English. Coincidentally out of all the UFC champs, he tends to bring in the lowest PPV numbers until his last fight with Forrest. But people tuned in because of Forrest, not Anderson. You do the math.

what math is there left to do?

i think you have made your case.

I don't know where you get this idea of fighters feeling forced to learn a Language. So because someone like Cane apologized for his broken English, your heart goes out to him? You think Dana is standing over him blasting him for not speaking fluent English? Sounds like you're trolling. Unless you have witnessed this happening, I highly doubt guys like DW are bringing all of the Non-English speaking fighters into a dark room cussing them out for not buying Rosetta Stone.

Plus which, fighters should feel apologetic for coming into a country (which isn't their native one) and having the opportunity to fight in the best MMA Organization in the world. It's more of an honor and a privilege to be in the UFC. Which is why you see guys like Cane showing some respect, should take a page or two out of his book..

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sharp1 - I'd like to learn brazilian someday

Portugese, not Brazilian!

 ask someone from Lisbon if the sounds coming out of a Brazilian's mouth are Portugese and they'll be really opinionated about it. I watched an interview with Christiano Ronaldo and Kaka (2 of the best soccer players in the world and teammates: 1 Brazilian 1 Portugese) and it sounded like they were speaking 2 different languages and at one point Ronaldo was giggling about the way Kaka was speaking and said that he didn't know if it was Italian, Spanish or Portugese.

If you make your living in a country, you'll make a better living if you speak the language.

I went to translate an interview from tatame once and asked someone that spoke Portuguese to help. He agreed, then read it and said it was in Brazilian Portuguese so he couldn't understand it.

Dunno what that has to say about the dialect but languages aren't always the same everywhere.

It's a dialect, but it's still Portuguese.

yeah that's what i said lol.

I talked to a few guys about this (a couple are in the UFC) and they just think it makes them connect better to the fans. I can understand, and it's good to see them try.

I remember sitting at a party one time and hearing someone go, "Man, Anderson's cocky. Doesn't even try to learn English." It's like, damn, how many languages do YOU speak?

I don't care if they do or not, honestly.