How much should i expect to pay for a gym?

so ive finally decided to man up and start training. after wrestling for 8 years i got burnt out and have basicly let myself go for 3 or so years and im looking to bust myself back into shape. did some research about gyms in the NW chicago burbs and im thinking either flomma or MTC. should i expect them to be a little pricier than the avg gym? im leaning towards flo but i want to take a few classes at each and see how i like them. anyone from the area have a preference? i was thinking of doing no gi because i'd feel more comfortable with my wrestling not sure how different no gi vs gi is.

6 figures, maybe 7

gyms aren't cheap

I wouldn't pay more than 20-30 bucks...


train yourself man. fuck paying

As much as you feel like paying.

 $150 a month max

You'll pay what ever the fuck they tell you to pay!

Or youll go somewhere else, thats pretty much it.

so what it comes down to is where DO YOU want to train at?

Dont go somewhere over another just cause its cheaper, thats the fucking stupid thing to do

never back down

Screw gyms we got Youtube these days.

Overtime MMA sounds pretty sweet.

There prices are pretty on par with most MMA/BJJ schools.

Midwest Training Center last time I checked was 100$ a month for 2 days a week, 125 or 150$ a month for unlimmited.

They have kickboxing, MMA, and BJJ. Classes all week. I loved the school, but I have not trained in a year or so as I am loosing interest in it in general.

I highly recommend MTC!

BTW, 2 days a week gets you an hour and a half of Kickboxing and Juijitsu each per night as they are one right after the other on most nights.

so 3 hours kickboxing/BJJ twice a week (6 hours total)

 In Moscow, the average price in a month, for one and a half school hours, three times a week, 3200.00 roubles. A dollar exchange rate to rouble today 1$ = 33.40 rub. ( > < 100$)

I pay $65.00/month for 3 classes a week in either MMA or Sub Grappling,and unlimited open mat. I also pay $30.00/month for a "regular" gym,so I have a place to go on Sat-Sun when the MMA gym is closed....