how much space do you REALLY need?


Emily Lindahl's house has all the amenities she needs to live, despite the fact that it's only 120-square-feet in size.

"I used to live in almost 2,300 square feet, so it's about five percent of the size of my old house," Lindahl said.

Her home includes a small kitchen with a refrigerator, sink and microwave. Lindahl converted a small "second bedroom" into a closet and her bed sits in a loft above her small living area.

Lindahl is part of a growing nationwide movement of people moving into what are called "tiny houses."

Her next-door neighbor, Dorian Acito, also owns a tiny house. Her home is about 160 square feet in size.

"I just think if you live in a big house, and you don't use the space, it's dead space," Acito said. "It just didn't feel good."

Tiny homes can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000 and blueprints are easily found online.

Both women only pay $350 in rent for the plot of land their homes sit on. Their homes are also easy on the pocketbook, generating $25 electric bills.

Living "small" has taken some adjustments.

"When you buy something, you have to love it," Acito said. "You have to really need it and you have to have room for it."

"I live on one paycheck, and the other paycheck I can put to retirement or saving up to build my own tiny house," said Lindahl.

there is a show on this on tv now.

Of course you can do that..but why the fuck would you want everything a challenge.

I live in a two bedroom apt in NYC so i would love to have a little extra storage space and such.

pretty incredible those houses. There are a bunch of youtube videos of tours of these little houses.

I will not be moving into one any time soon however.

mehhh i live in 800 sq ft by myself.  perfect for me.

I guess if you don't have family or friends, and don't have a big bad wolf roaming around, it would be fine.

1450 sq ft. my fiancee and I. If we have more than 1 kid we're moving. We're fine but when family and friends come over you need space. Phone Post 3.0

that's not living, that's surviving.

I don't need a big space or a lot of stuff but that is just ridiculous.

since i am married with thinking of buying some land in the country and perhaps building a larger "tiny house" around 400--500 square feet for vacation/weekend use




3600 sq. ft. for wife, kid and myself. I like lots of space.

glorified camping trailer IMO

2900 sq ft house on 8 acres and I wish I had a bigger house and more land

"how much space do you REALLY need?"

About 2800 feet on a 5th of an acre in the city. Plus a 700 sq ft cabin in the woods.

Live in a 643 square foot, 3 bedroom shoebox in the sky in Hong, that goes for about a million US.


Not much.

Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

"This would be ideal for me"

A closet stuffed with guns to masturbate in?


2800 Sq feet here. Try living tiny with 2 kids.

Good for them, but it's not for me Phone Post 3.0