How much sparring in class?

How much sparring, takedowns not included, do you guys do in an average class?

When answering, quantify your sparring time in terms of minutes please.

Thanks in advance.

I don't have a class but right now my partner and me are doing three 15 minute rounds.  The norm is to start two times from standing and then one time from a ground position we need to work on.  I find that when you time your sessions you tend to push a little harder and 15 minutes can feel like forever if the pace is up there.

Approx 20 min of warning up, 30 min tecnique, and 40 min of sparring. 6 min rounds.

What is this sparring you speak of?

Also a take-down?

10-15 minute warm up

10-15 minutes light takedown work

30 minutes ground technique

30 minutes live drilling and sparring

End of regular class

After class is free sparring and competition training.

10 minutes warmup
10 minutes self-defense and takedown
30 minutes ground techniques
10 minutes of shark drilling

1 hour open mat after class, changing partners every 6 minutes.


Too Deadly for that.

Seriously, it varies.

not enough!