How much time do you spend with your gf?

So if you live with your gf/wife, how many hours on average do you spend doing things together?

At the moment it's probably 2/3 quality hours (cooking, eating, watching tv) a day on work days and pretty much all day when I have a day off (work 6 days a week, she doesn't work).

I'm thinking about using my day off to earn some extra cash trading but it would involve trading the majority of the day and staying in the spare room (office) to concentrate. I also have a business I'm trying to launch which could take up even more of my time. We have shared accounts so what I make is as much hers as mine.

Obviously every relationship is different but how much quality time do you spend with your SO that you live with and how little time could you get away with before cracks started to appear?

No kids. Phone Post 3.0

She doesn't work?

She's fucking other guys while you work

Grats Phone Post 3.0

2 mins. a day for sex. Phone Post 3.0

Lux Fixxins - Not as much as I'd like too.

Wife gets pissed. Phone Post 3.0
Beat me to it! Phone Post 3.0

Wait so no kids? Phone Post 3.0

As often as my wife will let me. Phone Post 3.0

my fiancé works a lot, I'm starting a new job soon where I'll be working in the evening. So right now about an average of 5 hours a day. That'll be cut in half soon. We pretty much like the same shit, so it makes it easier.

I work second shift and the wife works third. She comes home, I'm sleeping. I come home, she's at work. But she works three 12.5 hour shifts. So on the days she isn't working, we hang out and play darts or whatever.

Best thing is, she works every other weekend, Friday through Sunday. So every two weeks, I get to relive my bachelor years.

I'd say, on the weeks she doesn't work weekends, we spend 50+ hrs/wk together.

When she works weekends, maybe 8-10 hrs/wk. Phone Post 3.0

0hrs Phone Post 3.0

More than I'd like to.

I get pissed. Phone Post 3.0

Lux Fixxins - Not as much as I'd like too.

Wife gets pissed. Phone Post 3.0


Most days except Tuesday and Thursday. We do just about everything together. I take time to hang out with the bros every now and then. Phone Post 3.0

Lunch usually once a week, during dinner and for a short time afterwards. On the weekend it varies, we have busy schedules including kids in gymnastics, cheer, etc.. Phone Post 3.0

At most we're in the house together for 2 hours on weekdays.  We tend to hang out friday, sat, and sunday nights.  The rest of the time it's a total crap shoot.

I like spending less time together because I'm a loner and it makes me appreciate the time I do get to hang out with her more.

If we did all the same shit together all the time, we would have ended it a LONG time ago.