How much to BJJ instructers make?

How much are black belt BJJ instructers paid a year? Any info is appreciated.

the person who owns the school makes the cash. the students teach for free

What is someone who was not a BJJ instructer opened up a gym and wanted to offer BJJ instruction there, how much would he pay that person?

I want my TWO dollars.........flies off cliff on bike

Average $500-1k per week.

It depends on the student base. Usually not much.

It just depends, most in your situation make a flat salary, plus a bonus or commision based on the number of students. The problem is when he gets enough students, he will leave and do his own thing. Taking all your revenue. This has happened in almost all the cases I've seen where someone does what your trying to do.

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PS Get someone young with no bills, if you can provide them with a place to stay and transportation, you might be able to get them for $1,000 a month plus bonuses.

There are just too many factors to come up with a specific or even general number. Are you talking purple belt or black belt; two classes a week or two classes a day for 6 days per week; living expenses in in Beverely Hills California or Otumwa, Iowa. Are you starting out with 5 to 7 definate students or 50 to 70. Do you want to pay flat salary, a portion of the monthly charges or a combination. Room and board included or find your own place. There are places where students pay a total of around $200 per month and place where they pay about $25.
Those are only some of the factors to consider when talking about how much an instructor might make. Offer the most you can afford and you'll get the most and the best interested. Offer less and you'll get fewer and less capable interested. That's business.


Rickson charges $4000.00 an hour for privates.

If you're opening a gym for someone else to teach in, you may want to consider teaching other styles also so you can bring in more money in to the gym, I'm sure you're not having Jiu Jitsu classes all they long, so fill in the gaps with other classes.

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Renzo, Serra, Rodrigo = about $6,000-$7,000 amonth. Since there is a great need for other BJJ instructors out there.Team Renzo definetly has the market cornered over there.