How much $$$ to go to Brazil?

Just wondering... Approximately, how much is a 1 week trip to brazil with some BJJ training?

I'm looking for people that have been there

BRAZILIAN TOP TEAM next stop - BTT Summer Camp - Aug 2005

Murilo Bustamante (Pride & UFC Champion & BJJ World Champion), co-founder of BTT: "I'm very happy to help Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu development in other countries. That's why foreigners practitioners are more than welcome at BTT. Personally, I was very impressed with participants development in this small period of time. I'd like to invite all to enthusiasts in Martial Arts studies to join us at BTT S ummer Camp 2005. It'll be a pleasure to host you in the most beautiful city of the world".

After a great Pride Middleweight Grand Prix?s second round, BTT is getting ready to receive practitioners and enthusiasts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in our famous HQ in front of Lagoa (one of the most famous sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro).

Now we?ll have 12 BTT Black Belts dedicated to follow participants training sessions and giving them personal assistance, teaching, correcting mistakes, coaching at the tournament and bring joy to our BJJ Camp.There will be AT LEAST ONE BTT BLACK BELT following EACH PARTICIPANT's development during BTT SUMMER CAMP!!!

You'll receive 2 daily training sessions at the BTT and NG headquarters under the supervision of the champions Z? Mario Spery, Murilo Bustamante, Bebeo Duarte, Toco and Rodrigo Antunes. And probably will be training when you bump into top fighters like Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira, Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira, Ricardo Arona, Paul?o Filho, Carl?o Barreto, Roan Juc?o Carneiro, Milton Viera, Luiz Buscap? Firmino, among others.

"Come and train with the best BJJ and MMA academy in the world at the most beautiful city in the world!!!"

We still have limited spots avaliable for a discount price.


. 2 daily training sessions at the BTT and NG headquarters under the supervision of the champions Z? MARIO SPERRY, MURILO BUSTAMANTE, BEBEO DUARTE, TOCO AND RODRIGO ANTUNES.

. Rules Clinic with Certified Referee (CBJJ).

. 11 days / 10 nights staying in luxurious apartments at the famous Ipanema beach (steps from the sand of Ipanema Beach).

. 2 meals per day included.

. Transportation to all activities, incluiding tournament.

. Sightseeing to P?o de A?ucar (Sugar Loaf), Barra Beach, shoppings and Maracan? Stadium with a bilingual guide.

. Personalized Gi.

. Visit to Rocinha Project.

. More activities coming soon.

If you want to compete in International Masters & Senior Championship, BTT Summer Camp is where you should be.

Any info you need, comments, please contact us. You'll be very happy to assist you.


If you register until,

31 MAY it will cost only USD 140 per day = USD 1,540 (ALL INCLUDED)

30 JUN it will cost only USD 145 per day = USD 1,595 (ALL INCLUDED)

31 JUL it will cost only USD 150 per day = USD 1,650 (ALL INCLUDED)

10 AUG it will cost only USD 160 per day= USD 1,760 (ALL INCLUDED)


During the first day in Rio de Janeiro, participants will attend a meeting at the hotel when everybody involved in the camp will present the schedule, solve doubts regarding their stay and give a Welcome Pack.

A travel agency, our partner, will present outdoor activities that can be chose by participants.

Options (These activities are not included): Rappel at Pedra da Tartaruga Trekking at Pedra Bonita, Pedra da Tartaruga or Pedra da G?vea Hang-gliding


If you need SPECIAL PACKAGES, e-mail us. We're working together with a travel agency to offer the best.


We noticed some have problems signing up via website. Our webmaster is working on it. Send us an e-mail and we'll send you a registration form.

Hope to see you all here.

Best regards,

Jiu Jitsu Camp @ BTT

awesome. thanks