How much to tip at a buffet?

I'm from Canada, and I'm a pretty average tipper. At a sit-down restaurant, I average 15% on the pre-tax amount. It goes down to 5% for really, really shitty service, and up to 25% for stellar service.

However, I feel at a buffet, where you are getting you own food, and the waiter only has to bring drinks (the bus boys usually clear the plates), you can tip less. This is also supported by the fact that in a buffet restaurant one waiter handles a lot more tables, so his tip/table count is way higher.

I think tipping 10% is more than fair at a buffet. What say your Phone Post 3.0

No tipping at buffets, same as no kissing at orgies

I leave a few bucks($5) if they have to bring plates and drinks, If not no tip.

Buffet I don't tip more than 10%

The one place I always have problems figuring out what to tip is AYCE sushi places where you order your food through Ipads and it's delivered by 10 different people. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck being expected to tip.
The waiting staff are working and getting paid.
If I get shitty service, no tip.
If get good service I tip, not a set amount but as much as I feel I should based on the staffs work above what I expect for what I'm already paying.

I'm from England, and worked in restaurants over 6 years. Phone Post 3.0

I do a buck or two for bussing the table, plus a buck or two for bringing drinks, provided they bring drinks, which not all buffets do. The choice of two bucks over one is the type of buffet. Some Chinese shithole gets one, nicer place gets two.

Not really an issue since I moved to Vegas as there's so much great food here & no reason to go to a buffet.

AYCE sushi & churrascaria I consider not buffets.

Too dorra Phone Post 3.0

The one that drives me nuts is valet. If I want to give you $100 to get my car out of the casino first, there's generally no way to do that, so WTF am I tipping at all for? There's zero difference in service.

gorillagrappling - Too dorra Phone Post 3.0
I be there 4 hour. Phone Post 3.0

Tipping is for solid work ethic displayed in service. I'm not being served at a buffet, so no tip.

My mother worked two waitress jobs to raise four kids alone. I always tip diner people more than I should. I believe the 20% tip standard is a fucking joke. Your waitress at Denny's is going to work four times harder than your waitress at Morton's. Giving the high end server 20% of a grossly overpriced bill seems retarded as fuck to me. Phone Post 3.0

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I dont tip at a buffett. I rarely tip in general and my wife hates it. and when I do tip, its around 10%.

fuck tipping. I paid for what I got and they get paid a wage they agreed to work for. period.

I am also from Canada.

Couple bucks to them if someone was constantly coming and cleaning up my table Phone Post 3.0

I love the tip threads. They always end well and everyone has the same opinion.

Pass the popcorn.

PS. I tip a buck at the buffet. 20% at restaurants (assuming service is good).


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This is standard just for bringing drinks and what not

I mainly frequent Chinese buffets (I know, RIP to me). I leave a dollar for the servers if they keep my water glass filled and seat me in a place where I don't have to rub shoulders with the fat, dirty people. They have learned this lesson well and treat me like royalty.

If the place has a Mongolian grill, I also will give the cook a dollar ( I always make sure they see me give them the dollar). I feel better leaving the dollar for the little Mexican guys who do the cooking for some reason.

At the Piccadilly cafeteria here, it's a buffet line where they don't even bring you drinks.  After you get your own food and sit down, a "waiter" comes by and throws a pile of napkins on your table and tells you their name.  That's the last you see of them.  You are expected to tip 20% afterwards or the cashier will try and give you a guilt trip in front of the other customers waiting in line.

BravoPUA - Couple bucks to them if someone was constantly coming and cleaning up my table Phone Post 3.0
This^. Phone Post 3.0

lol. Buffet is like mediocre to shitty food and it's not even that cheap. You're doing them a favor by even showing up to eat it and you're probably gonna pay for it later. No tip needed.