How much to tip at a buffet?

I offer them a single stick of gum

Then tell them theres more where that came from Phone Post 3.0

$3 every time.

Japan has tipping figured out.

gorillagrappling - My mother worked two waitress jobs to raise four kids alone. I always tip diner people more than I should. I believe the 20% tip standard is a fucking joke. Your waitress at Denny's is going to work four times harder than your waitress at Morton's. Giving the high end server 20% of a grossly overpriced bill seems retarded as fuck to me. Phone Post 3.0
This! Every time I go to Morton's that shit runs almost $200 for a dinner for two. My girlfriend always insists on 20% so that $160 dinner bill gets $30 added to it? That's stupid! I had to get an education to make those wages! Phone Post 3.0

Well, fuck me, I have been overtipping a fuckload for years at buffets. That's horseshit! Phone Post 3.0

10% at the buffet!

15% at standard sitdown.

Both amounts dependant upon level of service received.

Drink refills, asking how the food is, knowledge of the menu and offering recommendations can help get it up to 20%.

Basically if you give a shit about your job and display some knowledge of it and the food you serve, I will recognize that!

There will never be a day where 18-20% becomes the standard tip I leave.

TryhardNobody - 
GenErick - I leave a few bucks($5) if they have to bring plates and drinks, If not no tip.

Me too. If they get the plates and dont leave me sitting there with an empty glass i leave a few bucks.