How much to train at TeamQuest

and where you located


Come in and check it out! There's a bunch of different payment plans to fit your needs.

If you go for the full package it's 199.00 for the first month (gloves, shin guards, shirt, mouth guard, etc. included). Then 119.00 per month after.

Just signed back up after being gone a while...

$99 a month for unlimited...

What about if you have all of your own gear, and are a pro fighter, are there opportunities to train with big time fighters?

Give them a call or email them.

I'm sure they'd love to have you in there.

Hi I wonder if you can help me....Ive always wanted to knoe this!

Say if I was an amature and wanted to train at a gym like Team Quest, Xtreme Couture etc etc could I just walk in pay money and be traing along side top fighter? Obviously I get I wouldnt actually be training with them but alongside they etc?

I don't know about at Xtreme Couture, but at Team Quest you can.

I'm not sure what the criteria is these days to get into team practice, but there are great fighters in the normal classes all the time.


do you think TQ would do something if i wanted to come from london to train for a couple of weeks or something like that?

I haven't been in the gym for a couple years, but we had a guy come from London for something like nine weeks before.

There has been a number of guys from all over the place.

Give them a call or email them!

Hey Jacob, we are going to train at TQ Portland at the end of the month, you gonna be there?

What days will you be here?

Umm around 27-30th of this month

I cant imagine that UFC guys would want to roll with noobs