How Much Tuna Fish?

With all the recent studies concerning mercury and pollutants in our Oceans that make they're way into our fish, how much tuna or fish can an adult safely eat?

Though I hate preparing it, I can't think of a better, cleaner meal to eat when looking to eat a high protein diet. I'd be pissed if i couldn't eat it with some frequency.

If you are worried about tuna you could eat salmon. It has
less mercury than tuna, and has more healthy fat as far as I

Good question. I also was eating a tuna sandwich a day mixed with mustard. Then I keep hearing about the mercury stuff and was getting worried about how much can I eat without getting the mercury poisoning.

i hear no more than 3 cans a week. also, i hear farm raised salmon has alot of mercury also.

You can still eat lots of tuna.

I eat at least a can or two about every day. I love tuna.

what about the chicken kind from star fish i think its called

Do you mean "Chicken of the Sea"?

I've been eating 1-3 cans per day, 4-6 days/week for the last 7-8 years or so, and I haven't had any problems (that I know of, anyway). There are at least 3 tuna boats out there there are still operating just from my tuna intake... ;-)

Wiggy -

3 Cans a week? I eat that in a day.

I'm with Wiggy, Tuna off the Irish coast fear me.