How much was spent on each of your kids Christmas?

This year I feel we went way overboard.. spent about 350 each.. but we started early November is why we spent so much i think.


we usually spent about 200/250 a kid.

I don't have any kids.

I have 9 nieces and nephews.

About $100 each.

John Wick -

No kids. Zero. 

But how much on your dog?

I bought my youngest a guitar for about 400 bucks and I bought my oldest a new gi and some wrestling boots for about 300.

My wife will get them some stocking stuffers and stuff from Santa.

My girls are older,21 and 25.

Laptop for my oldest,some odds and ends,Rifle for my youngest,concert tix,odds and ends.

Bout $700 each


Im glad I can do it 

Spent around $500-600/ea on the “grown” ones and about $1200 on the one grade school age kid. 

Sadly, over a thousand on each of the two. Both elementary aged boys. I wanted to dial it back this year. But, that didn’t happen. I’m a sucker.

About $700 each. Got my son a Nintendo switch with 2 games. Also bought him a 50’ inch 4K tv to go with it. Got my daughter some beats headphone, cowboy boots and a cashmere bathrobe. My wife bought them some other stuff, but those are the major gifts. 

Daughter is 10, son is 5. 

about $250 each or so

And I still need to pick up a few things this weekend still

We can still kind of get away with not spending THAT much because they are 2 and 4 and you can gets lots of little stuff they love. I wanted to go bigger, but my wife had to reel me in with the point that if they get TOO much, they don't appreciate any of it, and stuff just gets lost in the pile. Tried to focus on some key things they will be super excited about.

Dreading when they are older and all they want are electronics, lol

Maybe 200 each holy Fuck you guys

she is 16, and going to Italy in the spring with her school, I am giving her $500 cash and all my change I have been saving for the last 2+ yrs, which will be at least another $500


I got my son, Reginald, a new Porsche. He will now have a different colored one for each day of the week!

Seriously, I'm glad for all of you that can afford to spend a ton of money on your kids gifts. I hope it's all worth it to you on Christmas morning. I wish I had planned my life a little better and could do more for my kids, but I still do what I can and they seem like they are happy and they are good people.

About 250 each and we have 4. Our finances took a hit when my wife's ex couldn't pay child support any more. Hopefully that changes soon. 

About $100. She is 20 months old, so so excited toys, books, and clothes.

We like to keep it minimal, ourselves included.

3 teenager. Around $500 each

About £200 each in my two boys... they didn’t want anything expensive this year... they e also got a lot of clothes each which we would have to buy anyway.... they both still believe in santa and don’t really understand the concept of money yet.... last year one had a PS4 and the other a new bike so I spent way more last year.... this year one of them only wanted some power ranger stickers!!!!

Turns out I might be a damn Scrooge.

We started early and got the switch splatoon bundle for all of them, then we spent about $325 each on the oldest 3(8,10,12) and about $150 on the youngest that’s fixing to be 3. 

We started buying back towards the end of summer. 




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