How much weight can you lose in...

In one month without dying? and How?

That scientific experiment has been conducted on humans sometime in the early 1940s. I don't know the results.

Not sure if the results are stored somewhere.

if you can lose 20 pounds in one day, then your a real man.

At least 40lbs, DNP, lots of heavy cardio, eat less than 1800 cals per day, drink shitloads of water.

Of course you'd need to have that much weight to lose in the first place.

If you want to see this kind of thin in action you just need to pick up some of the top Pro bodybuilders Olympia prep vids.




I tried to say it in the most carefull manner I could not to offend anybody.

I didn't even mention it directly.

Look, I read a lot about the concentration camps for a class in college and experiments like that were things I ran across in my research. I wasn't trying to poke fun or start anything.

Just mentioning it is classless?

You are not one of those people that gets offended by everything, are you?

btw welcome to the OG!

I can drop 35 if but much would be water and muscle weight.

the rev

Ask Whitney Houston

Thats exactly what i was implying, except I wasn't joking.

You can set up computer simulations of the effects of extreme weight loss on a human being, or you can use other animals instead of humans. But to get the most accurate results you'd have to use a human, obviously you can't do that.

I'm not in any way saying its acceptable to use a human being to perform such an experiment. I wouldn't be for the idea of using even most other animals. I'd hate to see it done on Dogs, Birds or anything realying.

Unfortunatly it has happened, and the results of those experiments would probably be more accurate than a computer simulation. Think how percise and efficent the Nazi's were. I am sure all the results are neatly recorded in some ledger in some old Austrian man's house. Or in museum somewhere.

Just the mere mention of concentration camps or the holocaust always gets people to assume you are trying to offend or say something anti-sematic.

I've always been "interested" in concentration camps mainly because I've always been into World War 2 history, especially the European theater.

I've visited lots of concentration camps and heard lots of stories about them from family members growing up in the soviet union. It's a pretty big deal in Russia (all of WW2 is a pretty big deal) because Hitler also rounded up Slavic people, homosexuals and communists into the camps as well. Obviously didn't set well with Russia were eveyrone is a slavic commie fag lol

See thats a joke.