How much weight could you give up to an opponent?

On the ground rolling live . . . Lets say you are more experienced and have a better over all game. How much weight could you give up and still feel safe to roll with the guy?

I run a grappling class on Wednesday nights at our place. We got to talking about giving up weight last night cause we have a couple newer guys (4 months) that are pushing 300 lbs. Im 165 on a normal day. In a long enough time frame the new big guys get caught and subbed, but just surviving the onslaught sucks. And there are plenty of times you get pinned under one of these hulks and the match turns into a stale mate. I told the guys that big of a weight gap is to dangerous to be rolling hard.

So whats a good rule of thumb . . . 20 lbs? 40 lbs?

Oh come on . . . by now I was hoping to read a bunch of stories about having to grapple Shrek.

Im 140lbs soaking wet.  I submit a body builder who was about 225lbs on his first day via gogoplata after i let him wear himself out.  true story. 

it depends on their skill level. If 2 people have the same skill level and one is twice the size it wont be close. However I have rolled with huge guys who are not very technical or skilled and I usually do well. Arm drag to the back is my go to on much larger people.

I weighed 118 when I was traneing UFC, everyone in the gym weighed more than me. Never once did I feel in danger of rolling with any of them.

^^^^ Yeah i know in training everyone can roll together. But Im talking about live... balls out tourny grappling.

Kumite4 - ^^^^ Yeah i know in training everyone can roll together. But Im talking about live... balls out tourny grappling.

I was 1-2 in grappling tournys.

Lightest division in Desert Quest was 150 and Under.

In my first match, I wasn't COMPLETELY dominated, but he was a strong wrestler with good positioning. I had a reverse triangle from bottom locked in with 5 secs left, but he managed to survive and won by points. He easily outweighed my by 30 pounds.

Next tourny, my first match I went against a guy who was probably right under 150. Caught him in a guillotine as he shot and put him to sleep in under a minute.

Next match I went against a very skilled grappler who ended up finishing in 2nd place (Howard James). He easily outweighed me by 30 pounds as well. He had me mounted and triangled and still couldn't finish me. I ended up losing on points again.

Never did I feel in danger of being hurt or unsafe going live with them. If they were something like 50 pounds bigger than me, then yeah that would probably be a lot worse lol.

I cant find it now, but there is a video of a young 150 lb Joe Lauzon at a grappling tournament triangling some 250lb guy. I believe it was the absolute division but I may be wrong.

I'm 5'7" 160lbs was grappling this 6'1" 215lbs dude, he put all his weight on my ribs and crack, I'm out for about a month... Phone Post

is the opponent on the juice or TRT?

I always tell my guys 20 pounds makes a huge difference, but it doesnt create a danger. Anything 50 lbs or over I feel starts to get dicey.