How much weight you guys cut for a competion

Just a pound or two (once 5), I feel better at my natural weight.

I do a 5lb drop every year for my Org's big tourney. All I do is eat well for a week and take a big dump that morning...

Saku12 - Wizbang unless you are competing in the absolute top division at big competitions that is crazy talk.

You may be giving full effort in the short term but you are not doing yourself a lot of favors overall.

like you said though different strokes for different folks.

This is what I always tell him but he doesn't listen to me. The funny thing about it is this: once he cuts all that weight he is usually the only one in his division and they end up bumping him up anyway!

psychological advantage at that point. "I'm just a little guy, everything I do is a plus, no pressure".

Then I roll relaxed which usually leads to better performance.

There is a method to my madness. bwahahahahahaha ;)

Like I said, one of the big reasons I drop then cut is to keep my mind off the actual competition.

none compete at walk around weight...

 ^^ learned my lesson and now doing the same.

..... out of curiosity, any other feedback ?