How much will Shamrock weigh?

How heavy will Shamrock be to fight Kimo? I think he should be at least 210. What will he weigh at fight time?

250 all roided up

Ken will weigh no more than 217lbs

Ken will lose this fight.

Kimo is way to big, strong, and skilled for Ken to be able to do much with him.

Kimo will dominate the wrestling, control the fight and wear down Ken with strikes for a TKO win.

Kimo will not dominate the wrestling, and I see Kimo
gassing before Ken.

Einux, you do know that Shamrock beat Kimo once before, right?


WOW really? Ken beat him???? (sarcasm)

That was back when Ken was in his prime, against a Kimo that didn't know half as much as he knows now.

Ken couldn't take Tank down imho, and Kimo did it with out any trouble.

Standing its going to be close, but if Kimo takes Ken down it will the the begenning of the end. Ken has always sucked off his back. Kimo/Shamrock is going to look like Ken/Tito.

Kimo by TKO

Einux is totally correct.

Kimo is a stronger and better grappler.

Standup, they are about even, maybe Kimo has a slight edge due to size.

I see Kimo knocking him out

ken= the end

I see Kimo knocking the shit out of Ken. When was the last time we saw the Ken of old, leg locking his way to submission wins. He lamely attempted one against Frye, after he was already gassed and beaten up. It appears that Kimo may have more left in him than Ken. Of course, Kimo hasn't had the number of fights and damage done that Ken has. His several years in JJ will also play a factor that didn't exist in their firts fight. Although, I had Tito stomping Chuck's ass too.

Just like every other cruiserweight out there, Ken will be 220-225lbs. He has a real size disadvantage against Kimo. I can't see him winning this on anything except conditioning, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Ken will be too small, his only hope imo is for Kio to gas.

I honestly don't see Kimo beating Ken on their feet