How Much Will She Get?

Bill and Melinda Gates, DUNZO, no prenup

Theory is Bill is trying to kill millions…don’t you think he’d be able to have his wife fall down some stairs to avoid losing any money?

Another failed gay marriage

they don’t seem like the money hungry types, they’ve pledged their entire fortune to charity and try to get billionaires to do the same.

i think for most people, when you create that kind of wealth, it becomes more about power and influence than material possessions.

i’d guess they probably split it down the middle with the same intentions to give it all away is my guess.

This is gonna be the all-time record divorce settlement.

If the woman is the successful one does the man get half of her money? Or does this only work one way?

Is she leaving because he is slowly morphing into an old lesbian?

She’ll get the vaccine, if you know what i mean.

Bill himself said he made over 200 billion on the Plandemic so far, and given how he ran Microsoft to suggest they are not money hungry is rather bullshit

Isn’t Bezos ex the all time record? She became the 3rd wealthiest woman in the world with her settlement

She can get these 7 inches if she plays her cards right

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I hope Bill is doing OK. Divorce is a lot to go through.

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Depends. Is she angry?

that is not what he said, it’s not even close.