How much would my WoW be worth?

This char

with 6250 gold?

just curious. Im leveling a druid atm (level 32), and once he is pvp and raid geared and level 70 I may sell both char. but Im a bit strapped for money atm and curious what this hunter and the gold would fetch

cooking is maxed, almost every recipe, so is fishing, and first aid.

(ya this char is a money making cash cow)

.... that hunter has 6250 gold??


Hunter alone would fetch probably 75-100 bucks

Gold though... a good deal more

" .... that hunter has 6250 gold??"

yeah that much gold, that bad of gear. takes dedication to making

not even ah blues, valanos bow, crystalforged axe, shit like that.

when you solo you dont need much for gear as a hunter. I never instanced much either.

maybe I should break out my old hunter and work on it.

also I made most my money fucking up the economy. I started when I was level 10 buying every copper bar and ore I saw, for 20 silver a stack, and reselling it for 50 silver a stack. at level 30 I remember having almost 400 gold

I did stuff like that all the time. Buying and reselling materials, and buying and reselling 1-19 twink gear makes you insane profit.

yeah hunter aren't that gear dependant, its just very frugal of you to not drop the 100g on a couple pretty big upgrades from the ah.

I'm a sucker and cant stop

hmm ya your right. you know what? ive been grinding my druid for a while.

its time for me to start my hunter again. I dont want to spend money on upgrades though. If I do keep my account, all that money is gonna go to my druid when he hits 70.

What instances should I check out for upgrading my shit?

I havent pvp much, how long would it take to get better gear?

Bebosaaps, Ive never done any pvp... except wsg at level 19. I dont know a thing about pvp or grinding honor... where do I go for that?

thanks man

BeboSap is about right.

You just need to find the battlemasters in each city and join one of the 4 bg's. Alterac Valley (AV) is good for ally at the moment, they changed it in patch 2.4 and ally usually win again. Each weekend is a different 'bg weekend' where you earn more honor for doing that particular bg. Last weekend was Eye of the Storm weekend, and it's very easy to earn honor as you don't fight premade groups like you used too.

On top of honor you get badges which are used for buying equipment, and also in patch 2.4 you can swap one of each bg badge for another 300 honor. It's never been a better time to earn honor. Honor gear is quite cheap, you can get a full S1 lot of equipment for around 70k honor. When the new Season 4 comes out you'll likely be able to buy Season 2 for a similar amount of honor. I have 75k honor banked, and it was surprisingly easy.

I dunno... the hunter wouldn't be worth that much and before I quit the game you could get 1K gold from farmers for under $50.00

I'd guess maybe in the $400.00 range.. but I'm no expert on what characters are worth, but I do know what gold is worth.

time to try av. Im gonna get my ass kicked at first

nimitvid, wheres my money motherfucker!?

well, Im suprised I didnt do as bad as I thought I would. First, alliance seems to loose all of them except eye of the storm... second, even with my crap gear, Im usually in the top 3 dps charts, and high in healing. (pet) and my honor kills and outright kills are pretty high too.

Had a fun time trying to kill a paladin. Somehow in WSG we ended up in the tower with no one else around and I killed her. She had a title in front of her name and good gear.

Thank god for that intimidation stun, my concusive, and for the viper sting which drains the fuck out of mana.

Also Im a fucking target it seems at times.

So for hunter gear, should I focus on one of the pvp arena areas? And should I keep turning the badges in for honor? or just collect the badges?

This is fun btw.

"should I focus on one of the pvp arena areas"

When you join an arena queue it puts you into one of the arena maps, you don't choose like you do with BG's. Get yourself an arena team for the points though, if you enjoy bg's you'll enjoy them more with some arena gear.

Hold on to badges because you typically need 30 or 40 to buy a piece of equipment. Once you start getting above 50 badges, then consider trading them, or buying 'honor' pots. I buy all my pots with badges, haven't spent money on them for ages now.

Was it a holy pally you beat up? If he was ret he should hang his head in shame. Hunters without resilience almost give me a hard on with the sort of numbers the crits come up with.

Don't even spend any gold. With a hunter, you'll be fully geared in purples in a week of BG.

"nimitvid, wheres my money motherfucker!?"

im on vacation so no wow for a week :)

have almost 12,000 honor now. didnt really know about the badges and different merchants. now I have a game plan. btw alliance looses a lot. its strange.

also kinda wish I had of picked the shaman or paladin button originally. only doing dps is boring.

You can buy base pvp gear if you are honored with various factions. I did that on my priest and am now grinding for the better shit. The stuff isn't great but it gives you ok stats, bonuses and resil.

"im on vacation so no wow for a week :)"

lol, you shithead. at least my new fury stuff is paid for with no debt I guess, just trying to get the enchants now