How much would you fight Ngannou for?

$5m but I’d lose due to shitting or pissing my pants after the face off, lol. It’s better option than CTE

In an MMA fight 100k would do the trick. Just a question of avoiding the KO by running and working out if at all it’s possible to get close enough for an illegal move. Obviously at the slightest contact I’d make an end of career Bob Sapp look like a gladiator.

If there were no referees or a fight where you couldn’t take the coward’s route somehow then no amount of money is worth permanent disability or death.

Probably 100k. As long as I make sure I’m moving backwards so as to lessen the impact when I receive my flash KO, I should be okay, right?

Nothing is stopping you from reacting the same way Cowboy did against McGregor and just freezing/fainting like a goat.

3.50 and all the Natural Lights I can drink.

I wouldn’t. I remember being a child when my dad explained why you wouldn’t want to fight Tyson unless you’re a decent pro. There’s a chance your quality of life could be seriously changed for the worse haha

back in old days, all that was needed to defeat Tyson was a Blue Belt. This forum has gotten soft.

Enough to buy my mum a house, because I’ll more than likely be a vegetable after that.

Less than it would take to have sex with him, but not by much.


My response is in regards to what I always told my dad after I asked him for money. He asked me how much. I said “what’s the most you will give me”? Because I didn’t want to sell myself short.

10 million cash no tax deductions

Sure the UFC would be happy to give you a 10k/10k contract to get KTFO, lol

Tens of thousands.

LMAO at millions.

99% of the population with any balls would get beat up for less. I’m a ww, so I can’t imagine him turning my head into a pez dispenser. A few slaps should drop me, but for sure I’d be diving shamelessly for shoelaces .

3-6mill min, 8 would killer but not

I’m fully expecting going into this to get ass fucked and talking like Tyson afterwards


I’m big enough to try and take him down. I’d shoot a single and he’d probably knock me out with some hammer fists to the side of the head. If they hurt bad enough and didn’t knock me out I’d take a dive. The like 1% chance I actually got it then I guess I’d be a legend as the guy who took down Francis and then got knocked out shortly after. I’d do it for 100k. I do fairly well with my own business so I’m not taking life altering brain damage and losing money in productivity while recovering by taking the fight for less.