How much would you pay? (Lot of old video games)

I'm looking at selling my old video games and systems, namely a SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X and Nintendo 64. They all come with controllers and all the cables. They're all in good condition and still work.

I'm also looking at selling all the games for each system. I haven't written them all down yet, but I have about 30-40ish SNES games, 25-40ish Sega games total and about 30ish N64 games. All the games are in good condition and they all work also.

My question is this: About how much money could I get if I sell everything as one big lot on EBAY? Or Should I sell everything separately? Which way would generate more money?


Sell each system and games separately. You'll have an easier time selling that way. Sell all of the Genesis stuff (CD+32X) together.

If you have any boxed complete games that will get a good price, sell those separately as well. I did this a couple of years ago and made good $$$.

selling separately should definitely net you more money

30 bucks

The majority of the SNES games still have their respective instruction manuals but no box. The Sega games all come in their own little case with manual and game, so they're good.

I've been out of touch with video games for a while! I remember that "classic" gaming was becoming pretty popular a couple years back with the "collectors" and being a "gamer" was the "in" thing. Is that still the case?

Man in Block, how much did you end up making if you mind me asking? Was selling everything separately a big hassle?

The SNES with the Super Street Fighter 2 cartridge and the SF2 Capcom arcade controller brings back memories. But it's just taking up space and the extra money would be nice.

do you have the final fantasy's for the snes ?

Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure I have Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger. But I need to go through all the games and make a list.

 2 fitty

SNES + 30 games = $100 minimum value IMO. The console itself is worth $30 easily, and you could easily sell it by itself for that on ebay. The games are easily worth $2 each, and you could sell them for that individually. It's not guaranteed that an auction would get you $100 for the whole bundle, but if you put it at Buy It Now for $100 there's a good chance that it would sell within 7 days.

N64 + 30 games = $150 minimum value IMO. The system itself is worth $20 or $30, but even the cheapest N64 games are worth $5 each. Something like Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber is worth $30 for the cartridge alone or $75 with box and booklet, and also has one of the best engrish names of any video game ever made. That's the kind of thing that you can make more money on selling individually - Mario 64, Zelda, anything popular that somebody might get as an impulse buy. But you can sell the valuable cartridges separately and still have the other ones to auction as "Nintendo 64 console plus 20 games!!!!!!"

Genesis with 32X and Sega CD + 30 games = $200 minimum value, depending on how many of the games are 32X, Sega CD, or 32XCD.

So if you put everything for auction together, getting $400 or more wouldn't be out of the question. But it might end up with a winning bid of $200, which would suck for you.

So I'd probably see which of your games are selling on ebay for $20 or more, and sell those games individually. Then sell the SNES and N64 together as a lot, you might end up getting $200 for that package. 2 consoles plus 60 games can possibly get you as much money as all 3 consoles plus 100 games, depending on how the bidding goes. Then sell the Sega stuff together and you might get $200 for that.

The minimum I think you would end up with on auction is $100 for the Nintendo lot, $100 for the Sega lot, and another $100 for the games you pick out to sell individually.

Or, put the Sega lot Buy It Now for $250, put the Nintendo lot BIN for $250, and put 10 of the individual games BIN for $20 each, and that would get you $700. Not everybody will pay that much, but you're not selling it to everybody. There are 50 million people browsing ebay, all you need is 1 guy with some money to burn who wants to play Mario or Street Fighter or Goldeneye.

I've seen dudes walk into a video game store and say "I need a Nintendo 64, 3 extra controllers, and a copy of Goldeneye." And do you think an extra $30 or $40 would make a difference to a buyer like that? He just wants to play the game, and he's going to buy the first one he sees because he wants it ASAP. He doesn't want to wait 3 days for the auction to end. If he sees a Buy It Now for $60, he'll click it. But if he happens to see a Buy It Now for $100 first, he could just as easily click that one instead and never regret it.

And if you have the Street Fighter 2 controller for SNES, that would make the console lot look bigger and more valuable. You might get $20 for the controller itself but IMO it would serve you better in a lot because all the "PLUS YOU GET THIS, PLUS THIS, PLUS THIS" overwhelms people and makes them spend more money.

il buy final fantasy III.

A lot of oldschool games go for a surprising amount.

The (non-Platinum) Final Fantasy VII I bought for NZ$30 ten years ago is now worth NZ$150...

separately or in smaller lots will get you more $$$, but be more work. People often like to sell things in large lots for cheaper to save time and effort

SMall lots for sure..but make sure to atleast check individual prices. I bought FF7 at a goodwill for a dollar and sold it on ebay for $48 something the next day. SPROUT

 I will buy them all from you here and now if you give me a price.

I'm trying to unload an Atari 2600 with 36 games on eBay right now.

Sadly, little action taking place.

Thanks for the advice Fast and Bulbous.

I did some "inventory" on what I want to sell and I think I could make some good money selling all this.

I found I have a couple sealed copies of some games,including some PS1 Final Fantasy games, Xenogears, Zelda for the SNES(Link to the Past) and NG64(MAjoras Mask), Eternal Champions CD, etc.

Checked all the systems, they still all work except the PS1 and my 2 Dreamcasts. All Controllers work, all cables work, lightguns work, SF2 Controller works good to go.

I have all the wrerstling games for the N64 and 4 controllers, that might be good package to sell. Thanks for the ideas

Found Mutant League Football for the Genesis, played that for a bit. Game still kicks ass!!

With all the systems combined, I'm looking to sell about 140ish games including some PS1 and Dreamcast games.

I actually think Chrono Trigger is worth a bunch of money. It's kind of rare, so I hear.

I have around 40 good condition original C64 games.

No idea how much they'd be worth.