How often do the Strumpets Proposition you for SEX?

it happens with me occasionally, but I don’t trust them at all and avoid their ManTrapper Schemes…I’m not Arnold RICH yet!

Your girlfriend hits me up 4 times a week.



I guess it’s one of the hazards of living in a WALKABLE urban environment where one is in regular contact with aspiring ManTrappers seeking a Mark to secure her position

Every day bro. That shit is like a zombie apocalypse except with hoes following me around with buckets and Turkey basters.

^not every day for me, but it does happen occasionally

I’m not RIPPED or HuskyFat Jacked either…it must be my SMART sized 5’5" which really captivates them!

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I have no idea what metro language is being spoken.

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also very large black women often seem to take an interest in me…GAY fellows too