How often do you find people who..

can close grip bench more then they can bench with a regular grip?

Not often.

I'd have to test it out, but i may be among the few ;)


I know I'm one of them for a fact. :) I was told its not too common. I was just wondering how uncommon it is.

Well, its probably going to depend on your form w/ a "regular grip" bench. How you're set up and your elbow tuck.. your triceps can push more than your pecs, but if you're not using them right.. you won't be lifting as much.

In a close grip bench, you're forced to tuck your elbows hard which will much of the load on your triceps. If you're letting your elbows flare way out and bringing the bar high in a regular grip bench.. you're not going to bench as much as is possible.

You have strong triceps.

How does your trainer teach you to bench? He was a PL you said, yeah? Thats a good thing.

At this point he's said that I'm doing the form properly in both but that I surprised him by being that much stronger in my triceps. (as its not very common) During this weeks training.. I'm 5 pounds heavier in the close grip then I am in the regular grip.

He was a PL and OL. I have no fear that he's not teaching me the correct form.

I could bench better with close grip then normal PL grip length (no crazy back arching my back for me though) for me. Reason? Pecs were weak and I use to do loads of press ups everyday.

But now after some benching it is about equal or maybe a bit less. Tri's are strong for few reps up to 6 or 8reps, and I can't do dips for endurance for crap.

Tri's from locking out the Jerk part of my O-lifting.


No, I have a feeling he is teaching you good form.. thats why I asked.

Koing - If he sees even the tiniest bit of arching he tells me to stop doing that.

Ryno - Gotcha. I'm positive that he is too.

I was/am simply interested in a number of things cause I'm still a baby in the world of weight lifting.

I figure it can't be too different between males and females (other then the obvious differences in muscle mass and whatnot)

I have no plans on competing. I'm simply trying to get in better shape.

Ditto with little one on why I don't arch my back like a mofo also. I have no desire to compete in Bench pressing and I would suck at it as they are monsters at what they do!

I mainly did close grip bench press before to get my tri's to lock out quicker in the Jerk. And to make sure my arms would lock the last part out and keep the bar there.

May go back to close grip bench pressing but I'm doing a lot of pressing and leaning back and pressing at Gymnastics and have 'discovered' muscles that I did not have in my tri's from the Gymnastics conditioning.


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