How often do you finish games?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm starting to feel guilty about buying new games. I'm trying to justify picking up some more when not even two weeks ago I bought Beyond Good and Evil - i'm only 8 hours into it and I want to buy hitman II lol before that I quit playing Zelda about 80% finished

How often do you guys beat a game before you move on?

I beat the vast majority of the games I play, just about all of them.

that isn't helping lol

I can remember every game I ever finished.  That is without getting bored and cheating my way through.

Super Mario (NES)

Contra (NES)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)

Earthworm Jim (Genesis)

Metal Gear Solid (PS1)



That's quite a list.


I'm a regular prodigy.  I just get bored at it.  Plus I suck like the giant sucking thing at video games.  Go ahead and get new games, fuck it. 


I tend to beat 'mission' type games, like Splinter Cell and Hitman.

I never have finished a full game of M:TW though, come to think of it.

I finished KOTOR three times in a row, without playing any other game in between.

Crikey. That must have taken a while... all my KOTOR games were at the 35-40 hr mark by the time I hit the star forge.

I finish most the games

I must be the exact opposite of you guys - I finish very few games compared to what I buy. However, it's mroe because I keep thinking I'll have time in a week or two, and so far I never have ;-)

Case in point - I have (no kidding) probably about 50 X-Box games, including most of the big guns (Halo, KOTOR, Ninja Gaiden, etc.), and yet I've finished probably only 10 out of the 50. I still keep getting new ones, though - I just got Prince of Persia and Dynasty Warriors 4 this weekend, and I'm still working on Medal of Honor - Frontline, Buffy 2 (not as good as Buffy 1, IMO), and Halo.

I need a good month or so of hard-core gaming just to narrow it down from 40 unplayed to 20 unplayed. Maybe over the summer, after my current research project is done....

Also, my wife steals the damned thing - the last three weeks, she's been playing True Crime and Medal of Honor (and beaten both), and God only knows what she'll start next ;-)

Holy crap - I just realized while typing this - my wife has actually finished more X-Box games than me :-O

I'm about the opposite of jonwell, I tend not to finish mission type games like Splinter cell & Hitman. Other than that I finish just about everything I play. If it's a game where you unlock things, I unlock as much as possible.


You gotta finish Hitman 2 man. The ending is plot city! I always finish games I like. Clipped 8 out of 10 games I got for Christmas.

I finish at least 75% of the games I buy. Some of them, like GTA3, Pikmin, or Goldeneye, I finish multiple times because they're that good.
But, many times, the fun runs out before the missions do, so I just move on.

The only games I have traded in that I didn't finish was Prince of Persia and LOTR:Two Towers. I can only replay a certian level so many times trying to beat it. I just finished Beyond Good and Evil and Grabbed by the Ghoulies. I just picked up Metal Arms. The next one will either be Eternal Darkness again or Metroid Prime for the first time.

I finished Eternal Darkness 3 times, one for each of the gods. That game was worth playing several times through. The 'bonus' ending wasn't much though, just some additional end video and dialog letting you know you've completely and totally saved the universe.

"I can only replay a certian level so many times trying to beat it."

I have played several missions in games over 50 times trying to beat them. If you fail, it's back to the beginning. Just gotta get farther each time.

I beat prolly 95% games I play.

The only reason I won't is if a glitch happens and I'm too far into the game or it doesn't capture my interest which is rare. I got to the last boss of Descent 2 but it was so freakin hard I never beat him.

Here's a list of games I beat...

Warcraft 2

C&C: Red Alert

Jedi Knight



WW II Fighters


Baldur's Gate

Aliens v Predator

Rogue Spear


System Shock 2

Planescape: Torment

Descent 3

Hidden & Dangerous

Alpha Centauri

Unreal Tournament

Baldur's Gate 2


Freespace 2

Virtua Tennis (DC)

Grim Fandango

Dead or Alive 2 (DC)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 (DC)


Rayman 2 (DC)

Jet Grind Radio (DC)

Resident Evil: Code Veronica (DC)

Skies of Arcadia (DC)

Civilization 2

Quake 3: Arena (DC)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (DC)

Age of Empires 2

Soul Calibur (DC)

Deus Ex

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (ps2)

Grand Theft Auto III (ps2)

Devil May Cry (ps2)

Starcraft: Broodwar

Metal Gear Solid 2 (ps2)

No One Lives Forever

Pride (ps2)