How often do you get OUTSIDE for a WALK?

maybe this evening I will walk with my Mexican GF instead of watching or listening to WingNUT NEWS like some OLD LOW-T CURmudgeon

Bitch is creating seismic activity with all that jiggle!!
Id beat those cakes like an angry baker.



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Yeah everyday I do a walk at the minimum

Today I did decent bike ride on my lunch.
Did some pull & chin ups at the park

And hiked after work


So we can inhale the car fumes passing by? America doesn’t have walkable cities

Every night I walk 3-5 miles. Without fail for last 5 years. Sometimes twice is the weather is nice by adding the day time. Go hiking on a trail about every other week. I spend most my time on my patio outside. Love being outside.

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this was perhaps one of the most important elements when I contemplated where and how to live the best life and it was not a McMANSION with a peasant plot that I desired but an enjoyably WALKABLE habitat most conducive to a contemporary Thoreau experience…and now HERE I AM LIVING THE DREAM on a peasant’s budget because it was not a McMANSION and Adult TOYS Material Life I desired but a simple, less RAT race experience of a WALKABLE community


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who got OUTSIDE for a TurkeyDay WALK to help aid in the Digestive Constitution?

Normally take my puppy for a walk at least twice a day. But this week has really fucked that up.

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