How often do you make something inedible?

Ever experiment and end up making something that's just simply inedible?  

Nope,not me,but my wife has. Phone Post 3.0

Every time I use the toilet. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah ive been there.

A lot of my experiments take place when im stoned. Anything left over after the effects have worn off I wont touch. Phone Post

Tried a soufflé 10 years ago. I still have nightmares. Phone Post 3.0

I made some hot sauce, that was a mixture of about 20 different kinda of hot sauces we had in the cabinet.
Put it in some chili, bad idea. The bowl of chili was ruined and i thought i was going to die.
I gave the hot sauce to my step dad who took it to his work and he said two people had to go home early from that stuff.
It made pretty much anything inedible. Phone Post 3.0