how often is there Sex at a massage parlor??

SphincterShrinker - 

Why would you want to have sex with someone who has been trafficked overseas, and most likely is in the last place they want to be?


Why would you want to have sex with someone for whom you are th LAST person they want to pleasure?


You realize these girls are like slaves no?

I couldn't get it off if they weren't Phone Post 3.0


recently heard a story from a friend, he brought a buddy to one to get a HJ to help him get some release

he got his HJ and was outside waiting for the shy guy to finish, when he comes out MAD AS HELL

he asks whats wrong

the guy says " she was trying to touch my cock, and I didn't want her to until I kissed her some first, and when I tried to kiss her she kept pulling away....what kind of sexual deviant can just let a girl grab his cock and jerk him off????!!!"

my friend didnt want to tell him tha the could

and WTF was he trying to kiss her? she prob blew 20 dudes already

-and not my story- would be happy to claim it

NeoSpartan - Like I said in the stripclub sex thread,

upland, ca

They have asian ones, "brazilian" ones, white girls, black girls, whatever you want. It's a little cesspool tucked into the inland empire.

God bless it.
I live close by can you hook up an address or intersection? Thanks Phone Post 3.0