How Old is Ricardo De La Riva?

nice video.

That guy in the black gi sure seems good at the De La Riva guard!

I believe it is Marcello Monteiro with De La Riva in that clip. Clips like this show that BJJ is as much of an art as it is a sport. Thanks!

Marcello C. Monteiro is awsome in his own right!!! TOP coach and fantastic fighter!.

Just another gem from the Carlson Gracie Factory. It is absolutely amazing the level of talent from Carlson's team that is currently in the 35 to 45 year-old age range. Guys like De La Riva, Sperry, Murilo, Liborio, Diogo, Medeiros, Junior, Renato, Alonso, Goes, Cardoso, Wallid, and several more. Incredible! What a team!

I strongly believe Luis Carlos 'Manimal' Mateus will continue in the same tradition as Grand master Carlson Gracie now he runs Carlsons BR I think one of the future fighters to look out for is Ivan "batman" jorge! Carlson lineage goes from strength to strength!

fantastic video, this is art

Check it out!!! Ricardo De La Riva and world famous student and champion Marcello C. Monteiro BJJ Instructional chess on the matt is now available!!!!.

Monteiro looks sick.