How Old?

How old is too old for MMA competitors? I know it's all different depending on your genetics and training. I just took a bunch of shit from my family because I'm in my 40's and still wrestle and fight. Severn is 45, Coture is 40.... who else competes and is 40+?? I need some support. My family thinks I'm whacked.

I think Severn is in his 50's

I'll be 40 in June, kinda fucking spooky.

I just started up in jiudo and plan on competing for the next 5 years atleast. I seem to have a natural skill for grappling and even though my body is fucked up a bit I want to compete at a high level.

Everyone thinks I'm nuts but it doesn't matter, I'm doing something I love doing.

Can't fight a winning battle with age. Recovery is slower. Injuries are more likely. You can still have fun with it. One of the reason's for someone on this forum to create a time machine.



"I need some support. My family thinks I'm whacked."

You should've said:

"Oh yeah? Wanna fight about it?"

There was some guy who competed in I think RSF who was 56 or close to that age.

hi mike,
you are whacked or you would't be doing this shit
in the first place.
im 40 something also and rather die before i quit i
love it.
just tell your family shut up or i will choke you out. works for me

Old is a relative term, compared to most fighters yes your old. I had my first fight at 36. I far as I know I am the oldest fighter to have a win in Japan's Pancrase. I also know every one by first name at my Sports Doctor's office..........
Tony Ross Integrated Fighting

TTT - thanks for some cool responses guys. Ya maybe I'm whacked, I dunno. But I've been wrestling since I was 12 and it just gets in your blood. Hard to give up the adreneline rush, the focus. Can't stop now. It's like a drug.

I recently turned 44. I still love to wrestle but injuries seem to come more frequently and recovery is slower. One of the keys I think is being good to your body and not rushing back in before you are healed.

"Mark Kerr has to be 30"

Mark Kerr birthdate: 12-21-68.

You've inspired me Mike. I just started training MMA and I'm 35 and I love it. But like you my family thinks I'm nuts. What do they want us to do? Lay down and die? Screw that if I do go down I'm going down fighting.

ttt for all the "old" warriors

I turned 45 on Nov 21 '03...
I grapple with my son and teach him basic things not
only in grappling but some strikes too. Never competed
pro, but the young homies in my hood would think different. Self defense is something EVERYBODY should
know and I want my son to be able to do that.

Yeah, I'm old but looking at me you would swear I was
no older than 30. My father passed at 84 yrs and looked no older than maybe 55. Worked till the year he passed.

It was said several times treat your body correct and it'll take care of you. YOUR thing. peace

your body will tell you.

Respect to whacked, old farts who still compete!!!

Holy sh!t ... wristloc's 1st and 2nd post are in support of those who love the sport!

I'm 25 and would beat your ass!

Talk to Skip Hall form Alabama, he'll let you know.