How Popular is the UFC in the UK?

How popular is the UFC in the UK?

Is Cage Rage the biggest show there? Is UFC a smaller player?

Or is it like in the United States where the UFC is the most popular fight organization and has a large base of fans both watching and ordering the PPVs?

Can someone from the UK shed some light on this?

MMA is catching on fast!! in the UK
I would say that the UFC and pride are the most well known to the non die ahrd fans however
there are lots of very good shows happening all the time all over the UK.

Depending on what you want older big names or raw fresh euro talent IMO it would go like this

1: CageWarriors
2: CageRage

UFC is not on PPV in the UK, it's on a cable channel (BRAVO). The viewing figures are apparently quite good but I don't have more specific figures.

Cage Rage and CageWarriors consistenly bring in crowds of over 2000, WCFC recently brought in a crowd of between 4000 and 5000

Cage Rage and Cagewarriors both have TV shows, Cage Rage's show is a highlight of each event shown a few days after the event on Sky Sports (one of the major cable sports channels)

CageWarriors has a weekly show on a smaller less well known cable channel called TWC (The Wrestling Channel) the viewing figures were high enough that TWC gave them a bigger, better time spot. This show has so far been CW shows only (I think) but they also plan on doing a 'CageWarriors presents' series where they'll show other shows (UK and Worldwide)

Hope this helps