How protected was Chuck?

...on a scale of 1-10???

Fought a bunch of grapplers with limited striking and finally met Quinton, Rashad, and uh...Keith.

He wasnt

-100 Chuck fought everyone Zuffa could get their hands on.

Chuck took fights while waitin for title fights. He also was sent into the mw grand prix....protected??? I would expect this from a 14er but an 08er? For shame dude, for shame. Phone Post 3.0

Chuck was down as fuck! Phone Post 3.0

the CREamcatcher -

Chuck wasn't protected at all.

The best fighters available for him to fight at the time were primarily grapplers.

Chuck fought Vitor and Alistar also.

And DFW entered him in a Pride tournament where he lost to Rampage. Not protected at all IMO. Phone Post 3.0

He fought the best the UFC had, they just happened to be grapplers that fit his style better. At least he fought the top competition in his promotion, unlike a guy like Wand who he'll always be compared to Phone Post 3.0

Tito was protected by Chuck. Chuck kept knocking off the true #1 contenders while they spoon fed Tito. Phone Post 3.0

Mezger, Suloev though a mw, busta though it was very close, wand event though it was late but chuck wasn't no spring chicken either, rampage twice of course, as mentioned vitor....overseem....a brief moment to wiki/sherdog his record would show this

I'm a douche. He even fought Mezger.


He beat Vitor's ass Phone Post 3.0

Goddamn UG. Like Dominik Hasek up in here.

MachidaMachidaMachida - Protected from banging?
He was allowed to bang bro,
He was allowed. Phone Post 3.0
So, they LET him bang? Phone Post 3.0

What's with all the Chuck hate lately? UG I'm ashame... Phone Post 3.0

He was 37 when he fought Rampage for Christ sake. OP was still sucking on his Momma's titty then.

Least protected, even especially towards the end.

Just cause his record was padded with grapplers doesn't mean he was protected. Not history fault pride had all the legit talent

Also, I think after going to pride, it proved chuck was the 3rd best lhw. Maybe even fourth if you look at shoguns resume

Chuck fought EVERYONE. Fought Vernon White, as champion, for literally no reason.

Don't make em like that anymore. Phone Post 3.0

how epic is this thread fail?

...on a scale from 1-10?

I see.what you did there....i think??? Do you see it?