How r some competitors so relaxed?

Most of the time it is because they have done this a thousand times before. I don't get nervous at competitions, because I had probably 180 plus wrestling matches in high school, and a lot more jiu jitsu matches throughout my life.

So how can you get so much experience that you are relaxed and don't get winded in two minutes? Well one way is to show up at the mg tourneys where you are guaranteed to get four to six matches, even if you lose every single match, you get more and more experience. And someday you can be that guy who is taking a nap before his match.


should also cross train (wrestling, BJJ, MMA, kickboxing) and, train at other clubs with many other fighters.

I've always had 1 main club and, around 3 or 4 others that I try to get to at least once a week/fortnight/ month each. Get out of the comfort zone...

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Your spot on Rev. Thats why a car load of us are coming from Albury. But if we look relaxed on the mat its probably because we left at 6am and are still tired

language rev, language.


Give Rev his thread back. Don't get him angry now. All those tattoos are plain scary.

Any competitor against me has a reason to be relaxed :(

"Any competitor against me has a reason to be relaxed :("

You and me both brother...

Just don't be as relaxed as I was in my last comp. I walked onto the mat and was so relaxed I didn't even realise I was fighting until I was lying flat on my back trying to stop the guy passing my guard. Aaah, the memories.

Relaxation definately comes from mat experience. And confidence in your game. I always have a gameplan and thats usually about being efficient and not wasting time and energy. Commiting %100 to your techniques. There is a big difference from rolling in the gym compared to competition matches, so knowing you are fit and up for the long ones if they happen then being able to back up the next match helps alot too.