How Races RATE Each Other

Behold the horrors of white supremacy!


The questions on this survey regarding race were asked in the following form:

“[Using the same thermometer scale which you used earlier in the interview,
how would you rate:
Please enter the rating number in the number box.
Ratings between 50 degrees and 100 degrees mean that you feel
favorable and warm toward the group. Ratings between 0 degrees
and 50 degrees mean that you don’t feel favorable toward the
group and that you don’t care too much for that group. You
would rate the group at the 50 degree mark if you don’t feel
particularly warm or cold toward the group.
How would you rate: Asians]

Around 5,400 participants, which is statistically representative.

I don’t believe the one about the Asians and how they view blacks.


This just shows white people are more worried about how they will be viewed if they answer honestly.

These are the same white people that happily lived under Jim Crow laws, so there’s clearly nothing in their DNA that stops them from being just as racist as everyone else. Everyone is a little racist (or more) if they think they won’t be judged for it. That’s why you see so many black people being racist to Asians now because they feel they can’t be called out for it.

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Black people really love them some black people lol

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I don’t think the survey was limited to 80 year old southerners.

“Racism” is only as effective as its social acceptance.
It’s now socially acceptable to publicly hate whites, therefore people do.

Tribalism is too alluring for the masses. It’s the job of culture and community to admonish public hatred. We currently just redirect that public hatred to one group - whites. Don’t fool yourself into believing there is an “anti-racism” movement at hand.


It is amazing that anyone listens to that utter moron (Nasheed).

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You failed the test… RACIST!!! EVERYONE GET HIM!!!

I agree 100% that it’s fucked up that it’s ok to call people Karen and Becky as if that’s not some racist shit to put in newspaper headlines. Telling white kids every day to be nicer to the black kids that make fun of them for not dancing well, sucking at basketball, and having little dicks is just going to feed that next generation of racists that are just tired of being told they can’t talk shit back.

Still though, this survey makes it look like white people are just better than others when it comes to accepting other races when history has shown they are just as likely as anyone else to go wipe out people for looking different than them.


bear grylls wow GIF by NBC
And we’re the ones that need to change…

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I think most people have a strong ‘in-group’ preference. Basically, however you draw the borders, people like people from their team and are less welcoming to ‘outsiders’, however they are defined.

However, for the last number of years, having an in-group racial preference as a white person has been demonized in popular media and is considered morally or socially reprehensible. I don’t think you could say the same for other races of people. In fact, its almost the opposite and it’s assumed that ‘of course they have a preference for people like themselves and identify with people who look like them’ and there have been movements around racial representation etc.

I think this attitude is going to change slowly over time as people clue into how shitty CRT and identity politics are.

They didn’t ask me

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total bullshit.
Whites rate everyone the same because they are so scared of being labeled racist.
Whites have an internal thermometer that is quite clear. they rate their own as the highest.
whites help other whites, that’s why they’ve been dominant.
what it shows that whites do not display their true feelings about other races due to fear of PC backlash.

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History has shown that whites are the most progressive race to ever exist. Whites practically eliminated slavery in the modern world.
Liberal identifying whites are the first group ever to have a NEGATIVE in-group preference, meaning they favor other racial groups over their own.

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I agree with this and would also bring up the complete hypocrisy when it comes to appropriation vs. appreciation. Some Black people love Bruce Lee, and some Chinese people love Michael Jordan, but no one says they are appropriating those cultures. Black women with blond hair will get pissed at white women with braids. But if you only show appreciation for things within your culture, then you can be called racist. It’s a bullshit field of thin ice that makes it impossible to ever be right and leads to you being asked to apologize all the time.

I’m just glad I’m Puerto Rican so I can pretty much say whatever since we like everyone. Except those fucking Dominicans.

There are middle eastern and asian cultures that would laugh at these statements, but that’s too much for me at the moment. Whites shouldn’t get credit for ending the global slave trade they created either lol.

I’m pretty sure every culture that broke off from another culture at some point had a negative in-group preference, so that’s another point I can’t take seriously when you really think about it.

You of all people should know “Control the words, control the mind.”

Whites are being taught to hate themselves. Do you really think liberal whites are lying when they favor other racial groups above their own on facial-favorability surveys?

Liberal whites interact with other whites because their beliefs do not align with reality. Try as they might, they’re unable to find swaths of blacks interested in lattes, programming, and interior design.

Well, feel free to return when you’re ready for form an argument.

You’re just making things up, so how do I argue with that and not look stupid too? Arabic and Asian cultures were progressive as fuck but you’re just discounting them and giving no reasons why. You’re claiming credit for whites ending slave trade they created. Every sect that became another major group began with a group of self-haters that wanted to be different. So yeah, basically everything you said was wrong and there’s nothing to debate. Feel free to say something that makes sense and I’ll argue that though.