How Races RATE Each Other

Who would have thought!?! White people the least racist demographic by far! No way! The media tells me they are the biggest threat!

Making what up?
Did whites not end the African slave trade? I’m guessing you don’t know much about it if you think that whites created it, which is hilarious.

I suggest you go do some research beyond your hivemind “feelings” about history.
I’d love to hear about that Asian progressivism too. Was it present in Korea, where slavery was still present up until the 1930s?

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So culture starts and ends with white people, who definitely were not the ones that ran the global slave trade? Got it. You go ahead and yokel on, I clearly came in the wrong thread.

No idea what that is supposed to mean, but what you’re claiming is contrary to recorded history, so if you have a contrarian flat earth-esque bombshell to drop - please go ahead and make your case.
Otherwise, you should read a wikipedia page or two before wading into these waters.

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Seriously, you trolling or stupid? You are flat wrong on both points. Instead of taking his suggestion and researching what you are arguing you just keep crowing on. Now’s your chance, explain how white started the global slave trade, then we can go from there?

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LOL who do you think was transporting slaves halfway across the world? That’s the slave trade white people ended. If you’re talking about general slavery anywhere in the world, that still goes on so white people can’t take credit for stopping it. He’s saying they ended slavery. I’m saying they only ended the slavery they were responsible for. The fact that people here can argue this fact reminds me why I stayed away for a few years. You guys really just want to have a white rally, knock yourself out, but stop disguising it as a forum topic that you actually want people to debate with you.

And there it is - the ol Racism Card.
The universal admission that you’ve lost the argument, or never had one to begin with (which is the case in this instance).

Get your money back from that community college, dummy.

I don’t get it. Why is the bar so slim in the White Respondents? Also, why do all the races rate white people so low?

Your history knowledge is very poor.

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What? Really?

Do you know what the Europeans did when they travelled around the world? They formed partnerships and empires and built trading routes. They didn’t pillage and commit genocide, a few odd people might have (there were periods of pretty lawless times) but as a collective people they didn’t.

British empire was built through trade, European empires mostly went to war with other European empires. There was way more infighting between white tribes/nationalities than there ever has been between white people and any other group.

There was land wars with surrounding middle east and north Africans of course but none of that was racially motivated.

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Look at Europeans, yes we have the EU now but there was so many nationalities with so many distinct cultures. There is no other place on earth that has that many distinct cultures in such a tiny place… All the same race more or less.

If they were so racist and only care about skin color why aren’t they forming some master race and wiping out everyone who isn’t white.

Why do they import non whites into European countries by the millions every year.

FFS some people can’t even use basic reasoning. It’s ridiculous.

It’s hilarious that whites are so demonized in our culture that evidence of whites being inclusive is just interpreted as whites being liars.

Keep on marching, useful idiots.


I guess it depends on what we are rating for. If someone asked me which race am I most attracted to I would say white, latino, black, asian

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Me neither they’d all be far left. Add dogs and there might be one leaning right.

Discussing slavery is one of the easiest ways to identify a victim of public state education.
The only history they were taught was on the holocaust and American slavery, but they lack context for either.
In their mind, whites invented slavery and would still engage in the practice today if some abstract force called progressivism wasn’t immaculately conceived in the 60s, which somehow prevents these things from taking place today.

Yes Death Beast, there is nothing but DNA, education and societal growth and change are impossible.

Very true

Another false narrative is that slavery was racially motivated. ie: White Europeans enslaved Africans because of the color of their skin. They didn’t…they turned it racial well after the fact while forming the nation. “All men are created equal” doesn’t hold up well when you’re owning people. So influential, wealthy land owners did some mental gymnastics. People like Thomas Jefferson and other founders saw through the BS immediately, while even owning slaves themselves…they hated how engrained the practice was and absolutely knew it wasn’t compatible with what they were trying to do.

So even while compromising, the fathers laid the foundation that ended the practice which then encompassed the rest of the world. Those men and those documents may be the most important in the history of civilization.

And these turds spit on it.

He didn’t say global slave trade, he said slavery. It is something every culture has had and has been a human universal since time immemorial.

Slavery has had it’s ebbs in flows in history in places like India and China, but it didn’t decline as much as in Medieval Europe until it picked back up again in the Early Modern Era. Even then, the European slave trade wasn’t a new system and was preceded by the widespread Islamic slave trade that particularly targeting Western Africa centuries before the Age of Discovery (which played a role in the European adoption of the region as a slave source; the locals selling slaves didn’t pop out of nowhere, they were already selling to Muslims, they just shifted from just selling from the southern borders of the Sahara to also sell along the coasts). None of this touches on the slave trade Muslims were active in elsewhere. like their targeting of Eastern Europeans. The Crimean Khanate especially loved raiding Russian lands to haul people away once getting as far as Moscow, which is why Russians to this day are obsessed with securing the Black Sea and their southern borders.

Europeans, and primarily the British, were the main drivers to end the slave trade and did so at the reluctance of numerous countries around the world who saw it as just a part of the way the world was. The Ottoman Sultan protested against British and French pressure to end it in his empire, not because he necessarily supported it himself, but because he knew how furious his people would be if he did so, and he was proven right when mass riots broke out when the Ottomans caved in.

Even then the slave trade never fully went away, it just got quiet and lost official backing; there are more slaves alive today than there ever were at any other time in history.

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Europeans enslaved Africans because they originally tried with their fellow Western European Christians and got warned by the Church to back the hell off. Besides, Europeans didn’t last long in the tropics working sugarcane anyway, so they looked elsewhere. Behold! A tropical region right by them on their route to the New World has a bunch of people that can last a bit longer, the Muslims are already exploiting them for the same reason, so a slave trade preexists. Plus, they’re heathens to boot, so no Church protestations over using them.

The issue with America is the country established itself on ideals it didn’t yet meet and then sought to achieve them. To point the finger at them for being that way is like mocking an alcoholic for recognizing that they have a problem a long while before they try to stop drinking.