How should Fedor fight?

If Fedor fights again he needs to cool down a bit. Not just run out like a crazed maniac, throw wild punches and hope for the best.

I know aggression helps, but against seasoned pros and now that his mistique is gone, he needs to be more strategic.

He needs to pace himself and use his sambo skills. He used to submit people left and right and now he just goes for KOs.

Anyway, I still think he's got few good fights left in him.

 . Drop to 205

.  work on S&C

.  Stop brawling

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle -  . Drop to 205
.  work on S&C
.  Stop brawling

Very good start. But honestly, he was great and nut hugged because he was a semi-chunky, no emotion, aggressive machine. He went to war, always went for the kill, and took on monsters. The very same 'cans' he crushed added to his allure by beating top competition in one fight, then plowing through a man in another fight. His Sambo, Judo and Boxing skill set were once so on point that he could beat any fighters in any area of combat.

But his skill set has degraded. Its not just his strength and cardio, of fat, or over aggression now. His Sambo has not had finishes, his boxing has not had the accuracy, and his Judo fails to take and keep men on the ground.

He needs a skill tune up to handle modern fighters. Combine that with cutting down to 205, better cardio, lifting again, and sticking more to a game plan would be icing on the cake.

Get a real camp and lay off the ding dongs and bon bons.