how should I pray?

Is there some structure that I should follow? I usually just talk and say whats on my mind, tell him whats troubling me and ask for forgiveness. Sometimes I feel really close to God other times I feel like im just talking to myself. I always speak with a complete faith in the Father and the Son, but sometimes I just dont feel like Im making a connection. Can you guys describe how you pray and how it affects your life and relationship with God?

there are thanksgiving, petition, praise and forgiveness prayers. What moves you and makes you tremble?

Our Father who is in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors

lead us not into temptation

But deliever us from the evil one


You beat me to it Sherm, great minds think alike :)

Imagine that prayer listed above is a structure and teaching. For instance Our Father, first dwell on the fact that God is our Father in heaven. Imagine yourself wrapped in His arms, feel His love, His strenth, and the warmth of His embrace. Thank Him for being your daddy, and truly try to understand what that means. It is only from this position, that we truly can relate to God, and be bold in our petitions.

Hollowed be thy name

praise the names of God




and so on

work your way through that teaching on prayer. You start with praise, you end with praise.

the rev

Sit at His feet, bro, and realize that the Creator of the Universe that encompasses all that we know,... The Man who hung the sun and moon where they stay,... The God who caused an egg cell smaller than one of these periods, and a sperm cell a hundred times smaller than that, to grow into the most complex organization of matter in the known Universe: YOU,... Sit at His feet and KNOW in your heart that He hears you every time you speak His name. His thoughts are usward, man. The Owner of the Universe sits on His throne and thinks of you. I'm getting chills right now just thinking of it. The deep calls unto the deep. Understand the reality of God. The reality of His love. Then every conversation you have with Him will be a prayer, because every word you speak will be with all the love in your heart, mind, and spirit. You're never just talking to yourself. He's ALWAYS there. Remember, the just shall live by faith. We walk by faith, not by feelings. Just because you don't 'feel' like you're making a connection, KNOW in your heart that He is more than connected. A good father always listens to his children. How much more will our Father in Heaven listen to us when we call?

I'm about to have some church up in here! I love Jesus! YEAH! WOOHOO! I hope the Spirit is all over you. I hope He quickens you. Later fellas.

God Bless


I usually just say what is on my mind. God knows what we need even before we ask for it. But in everything, give God praise. If it were not for him, the air we breathe and the life that sustains us would not exist. He knows what is troubling you. Just offer your problems and confessions up to the Lord. He can handle a lot more than you can. Trust me! =)


Sometimes MASK, I feel like He treats me better than anyone else.:) I don't think we have to live a life of pain, suffering, distress, and heartache. I'm happy all the time, man. And it's because of Him. The "joy of the Lord is" my strength. I'm a happy guy, in Jesus Christ.

God bless you all, in Love.



There are some hard times that I feel so low, and I can´t pray. Then I just repeat "Our Father" almost like a mantra. As time goes by I begin to feel what I´m praying, and I get better.

Most times though, I just say "Thank you, Lord".

I come humble before the Lord. I make my requests known, and trust is his decision to answer my request or not.

In every prayer, I acknowledge God first. Proclaiming that he is indeed God, and an awesome God, worthy of praise.

And I give thanks. Always.

I had a hard time with this at first before someone showed me the model prayer. This is what I was told and it helped.

prayer should be made with Joy...J=jesus, O=others, Y=yourself

Start by thinking God for the things he has given you. Everything from liked sending his son to die for you, to the gifts you have in your life. And thank him for being there for you. Also ask him to forgive you of your sins. Because in the Bible it says God will not listen if you hide inquity in your heart.

Then pray for others first. This is selflessness. It puts others over you. Then you can ask for things you might need help with.

And make sure you always end it in Jesus' name. Like in Jesus' precious and Holy name I pray amen. Something like that. But that is what helped me out alot.

i honestly dont believe that you HAVE to articulate something. its mainly about feeling. i could sit down and compose an absolutely bitchin' prayer, but if i dont really believe or feel what im saying, its just so much jibber jabber.

i think donnatroy has the jist of it.

pray how you feel. if you need help with a particular problem, ask for it. plain and simple. if you feel like you want to praise and give thanks....then do it.

doesnt matter what words you use or how you phrase it, God will know what you mean